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From the Congressional Record, Volume 144 (1998)

H.R. 4342--A bill to make miscellaneous and technical changes to 
    various trade laws, and for other purposes; to the Committee on 
    Ways and Means.

By Mr. CRANE (for himself and Mr. Matsui), H6696 [29JY]

  Reported with amendments (H. Rept. 105-671), H6999 [3AU]
  Debated, H7057 [4AU]
  Text, H7057 [4AU]
  Rules suspended. Passed House amended, H7071 [4AU]
  Message from the House, S9681 [31AU]
  Received in Senate and referred to the Committee on Finance, S9681 
  Reported with amendment (S. Rept. 105-356), S11122 [29SE]