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From the Congressional Record, Volume 144 (1998)

H.R. 678--A bill to require the Secretary of the Treasury to mint 
    coins in commemoration of the sesquicentennial of the birth of 
    Thomas Alva Edison, to redesign the half dollar circulating coin 
    for 1997 to commemorate Thomas Edison, and for other purposes; to 
    the Committee on Banking and Financial Services.
  Cosponsors added, H2236 [22AP], H2606 [29AP], H2931 [6MY], H3014 
  [7MY], H3105 [12MY], H3247 [13MY], H3488 [19MY], H3624 [20MY], H3971 
  [22MY], H7494 [9SE]
  Debated, H7440 [9SE]
  Text, H7440 [9SE]
  Rules suspended. Passed House amended, H7466 [9SE]
  Message from the House, S10204 [10SE], S12717 [20OC]
  Passed Senate, S11807 [7OC]
  Message from the Senate, H10014 [8OC]
  Examined and signed in the House, H11545 [19OC]
  Examined and signed in the Senate, S12717 [20OC]
  Presented to the President (October 20, 1998), H11703 [21OC]