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From the Congressional Record, Volume 145 (1999)

[History of Bills, Volume 145 (1999)]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office,]

H.R. 1259--A bill to amend the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 to 
    protect Social Security surpluses through strengthened budgetary 
    enforcement mechanisms; to the Committees on the Budget; Ways and 
    Means; Rules.

By Mr. HERGER (for himself, Mr. Shaw, Mr. Crane, Mr. Thomas, Mr. 
Houghton, Mr. Archer, Mr. McCrery, Mr. Ramstad, Mr. Nussle, Mr. Sam 
Johnson of Texas, Ms. Dunn, Mr. Portman, Mr. English, Mr. Watkins, Mr. 
Hayworth, Mr. Weller, Mr. Hulshof, Mr. McInnis, Mr. Lewis of Kentucky, 
and Mr. Bilbray), H1695 [24MR]

  Cosponsors added, H1804 [25MR], H3087 [12MY], H3461 [20MY], H3503 
  [24MY], H3606 [25MY]
  Amendments, H3504 [24MY], H3606 [25MY], H3675 [26MY]
  Debated, H3657 [26MY]
  Text, H3657 [26MY]
  Passed House amended, H3679 [26MY]
  Message from the House, S6695 [8JN]
  Placed on the calendar, S6915 [10JN]
  Debated, S6971 [14JN], S7078 [16JN]
  Amendments, S7030, S7031, S7032, S7033 [15JN]