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From the Congressional Record, Volume 146 (2000)

History of Bills, Volume 146 (2000) - H.R. 4393: A bill to provide that amounts allotted to a State...

[History of Bills, Volume 146 (2000)]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office,]

H.R. 4393--A bill to provide that amounts allotted to a State under 
    section 2104 of the Social Security Act for each of fiscal years 
    1998 and 1999 shall remain available through fiscal year 2002; to 
    the Committee on Commerce.

By Mr. BILBRAY (for himself, Ms. Dunn, Mr. McDermott, Ms. Stabenow, 
Mr. Sabo, Mr. Greenwood, and Ms. Eshoo), H2654 [8MY]

  Cosponsors added, H2967 [11MY], H3309 [17MY], H3926 [6JN], H4784 
  [20JN], H4817 [21JN], H5657 [29JN], H5955 [12JY], H6599 [19JY], 
  H7003 [25JY], H7281 [6SE], H7578 [13SE], H7652 [14SE], H7932 [20SE], 
  H8406 [27SE], H8799 [4OC], H9900 [12OC], H11195 [25OC]