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Titles (2)

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Family Opportunity Act of 2000

Official Titles

Official Titles - House of Representatives

Official Title as Introduced

To amend title XIX of the Social Security Act to provide families of disabled children with the opportunity to purchase coverage under the Medicaid Program for such children, and for other purposes.

Actions Overview (1)

07/12/2000Introduced in House

All Actions (3)

08/02/2000Referred to the Subcommittee on Health and Environment.
Action By: Committee on Commerce
07/12/2000Referred to the House Committee on Commerce.
Action By: House of Representatives
07/12/2000Introduced in House
Action By: House of Representatives

Cosponsors (142)

* = Original cosponsor
CosponsorDate Cosponsored
Rep. Waxman, Henry A. [D-CA-29]* 07/12/2000
Rep. Upton, Fred [R-MI-6]* 07/12/2000
Rep. Barrett, Thomas M. [D-WI-5]* 07/12/2000
Rep. Pryce, Deborah [R-OH-15]* 07/12/2000
Rep. Strickland, Ted [D-OH-6]* 07/12/2000
Rep. Hayworth, J. D. [R-AZ-6]* 07/12/2000
Rep. Brown, Sherrod [D-OH-13]* 07/12/2000
Rep. Dreier, David [R-CA-28]* 07/12/2000
Rep. Lazio, Rick [R-NY-2]* 07/12/2000
Rep. Dingell, John D. [D-MI-16]* 07/12/2000
Rep. Doggett, Lloyd [D-TX-10]* 07/12/2000
Rep. Ramstad, Jim [R-MN-3]* 07/12/2000
Rep. Nussle, Jim [R-IA-2]* 07/12/2000
Rep. Nethercutt, George R., Jr. [R-WA-5]* 07/12/2000
Rep. Gilchrest, Wayne T. [R-MD-1]* 07/12/2000
Rep. Tauzin, W. J. (Billy) [R-LA-3]* 07/12/2000
Rep. Herger, Wally [R-CA-2] 07/13/2000
Rep. Pickering, Charles W. "Chip" [R-MS-3] 07/13/2000
Rep. Dicks, Norman D. [D-WA-6] 07/13/2000
Rep. Kennedy, Patrick J. [D-RI-1] 07/13/2000
Rep. Cook, Merrill [R-UT-2] 07/20/2000
Rep. DeGette, Diana [D-CO-1] 07/20/2000
Rep. DeLauro, Rosa L. [D-CT-3] 07/20/2000
Rep. Rogan, James E. [R-CA-27] 07/20/2000
Rep. Hall, Ralph M. [D-TX-4] 07/20/2000
Rep. Oxley, Michael G. [R-OH-4] 07/20/2000
Rep. LaTourette, Steven C. [R-OH-19] 07/20/2000
Rep. Burr, Richard [R-NC-5] 07/24/2000
Rep. Stearns, Cliff [R-FL-6] 07/24/2000
Rep. Scott, Robert C. "Bobby" [D-VA-3] 07/24/2000
Rep. Berman, Howard L. [D-CA-26] 07/24/2000
Rep. Blunt, Roy [R-MO-7] 07/24/2000
Rep. Weygand, Robert A. [D-RI-2] 07/26/2000
Rep. Frank, Barney [D-MA-4] 07/26/2000
Rep. Kaptur, Marcy [D-OH-9] 07/26/2000
Rep. Wamp, Zach [R-TN-3] 07/26/2000
Rep. Murtha, John P. [D-PA-12] 07/26/2000
Rep. Gillmor, Paul E. [R-OH-5] 07/26/2000
Rep. Udall, Tom [D-NM-3] 07/26/2000
Rep. McGovern, James P. [D-MA-3] 07/26/2000
Rep. Bonilla, Henry [R-TX-23] 07/26/2000
Rep. Sweeney, John E. [R-NY-22] 07/26/2000
Rep. Coble, Howard [R-NC-6] 07/26/2000
Rep. Tiahrt, Todd [R-KS-4] 07/26/2000
Rep. Baldacci, John Elias [D-ME-2] 07/27/2000
Rep. Duncan, John J., Jr. [R-TN-2] 07/27/2000
Rep. Morella, Constance A. [R-MD-8] 07/27/2000
Rep. Isakson, Johnny [R-GA-6] 07/27/2000
Rep. Chabot, Steve [R-OH-1] 07/27/2000
Rep. Tancredo, Thomas G. [R-CO-6] 07/27/2000
Rep. Green, Gene [D-TX-29] 07/27/2000
Rep. Pallone, Frank, Jr. [D-NJ-6] 07/27/2000
Rep. DeFazio, Peter A. [D-OR-4] 07/27/2000
Rep. Miller, George [D-CA-7] 07/27/2000
Rep. Rush, Bobby L. [D-IL-1] 07/27/2000
Rep. McNulty, Michael R. [D-NY-21] 07/27/2000
Rep. Markey, Edward J. [D-MA-7] 07/27/2000
Rep. Lee, Barbara [D-CA-9] 07/27/2000
Rep. Franks, Bob [R-NJ-7] 07/27/2000
Rep. Deutsch, Peter [D-FL-20] 07/27/2000
Rep. Eshoo, Anna G. [D-CA-14] 09/06/2000
Rep. Capps, Lois [D-CA-22] 09/06/2000
Rep. Crowley, Joseph [D-NY-7] 09/06/2000
Rep. Towns, Edolphus [D-NY-10] 09/06/2000
Rep. McCarthy, Carolyn [D-NY-4] 09/06/2000
Rep. Canady, Charles T. [R-FL-12] 09/06/2000
Rep. Price, David E. [D-NC-4] 09/06/2000
Rep. Klink, Ron [D-PA-4] 09/06/2000
Rep. Vento, Bruce F. [D-MN-4] 09/06/2000
Rep. Abercrombie, Neil [D-HI-1] 09/06/2000
Rep. Blagojevich, Rod R. [D-IL-5] 09/06/2000
Rep. Danner, Pat [D-MO-6] 09/06/2000
Rep. Gallegly, Elton [R-CA-23] 09/06/2000
Rep. Stupak, Bart [D-MI-1] 09/06/2000
Rep. Schakowsky, Janice D. [D-IL-9] 09/06/2000
Rep. Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana [R-FL-18] 09/06/2000
Rep. Matsui, Robert T. [D-CA-5] 09/06/2000
Rep. Oberstar, James L. [D-MN-8] 09/06/2000
Rep. Dixon, Julian C. [D-CA-32] 09/06/2000
Rep. Rivers, Lynn N. [D-MI-13] 09/06/2000
Rep. Vitter, David [R-LA-1] 09/06/2000
Rep. Horn, Stephen [R-CA-38] 09/07/2000
Rep. Johnson, Nancy L. [R-CT-6] 09/07/2000
Rep. Foley, Mark [R-FL-16] 09/07/2000
Rep. Wilson, Heather [R-NM-1] 09/12/2000
Rep. Pomeroy, Earl [D-ND-At Large] 09/12/2000
Rep. Deal, Nathan [R-GA-9] 09/12/2000
Rep. Stark, Fortney Pete [D-CA-13] 09/12/2000
Rep. Whitfield, Ed [R-KY-1] 09/12/2000
Rep. Nadler, Jerrold [D-NY-8] 09/12/2000
Rep. Clyburn, James E. [D-SC-6] 09/12/2000
Rep. Leach, James A. [R-IA-1] 09/12/2000
Rep. Portman, Rob [R-OH-2] 09/12/2000
Rep. Camp, Dave [R-MI-4] 09/14/2000
Rep. Lowey, Nita M. [D-NY-18] 09/14/2000
Rep. Boswell, Leonard L. [D-IA-3] 09/14/2000
Rep. Ryun, Jim [R-KS-2] 09/14/2000
Rep. McHugh, John M. [R-NY-24] 09/14/2000
Rep. Bereuter, Doug [R-NE-1] 09/14/2000
Rep. Costello, Jerry F. [D-IL-12] 09/14/2000
Rep. Shimkus, John [R-IL-20] 09/14/2000
Rep. Hall, Tony P. [D-OH-3] 09/18/2000
Rep. Slaughter, Louise McIntosh [D-NY-28] 09/18/2000
Rep. Fowler, Tillie [R-FL-4] 09/18/2000
Rep. Maloney, James H. [D-CT-5] 09/18/2000
Rep. Carson, Julia [D-IN-10] 09/18/2000
Rep. Bilirakis, Michael [R-FL-9] 09/18/2000
Rep. Snyder, Vic [D-AR-2] 09/21/2000
Rep. Walsh, James T. [R-NY-25] 09/21/2000
Rep. Payne, Donald M. [D-NJ-10] 09/21/2000
Rep. Berkley, Shelley [D-NV-1] 09/21/2000
Rep. Granger, Kay [R-TX-12] 09/21/2000
Rep. Kucinich, Dennis J. [D-OH-10] 09/26/2000
Rep. Moran, Jerry [R-KS-1] 09/26/2000
Rep. Kind, Ron [D-WI-3] 09/26/2000
Rep. Buyer, Steve [R-IN-5] 09/26/2000
Rep. Jones, Stephanie Tubbs [D-OH-11] 09/26/2000
Rep. Doyle, Michael F. [D-PA-18] 09/26/2000
Rep. Watt, Melvin L. [D-NC-12] 10/03/2000
Rep. Inslee, Jay [D-WA-1] 10/03/2000
Rep. Jones, Walter B., Jr. [R-NC-3] 10/03/2000
Rep. Moore, Dennis [D-KS-3] 10/03/2000
Rep. Roukema, Marge [R-NJ-5] 10/03/2000
Rep. Hinchey, Maurice D. [D-NY-26] 10/03/2000
Rep. Saxton, Jim [R-NJ-3] 10/03/2000
Rep. Moran, James P. [D-VA-8] 10/03/2000
Rep. Minge, David [D-MN-2] 10/11/2000
Rep. Moakley, John Joseph [D-MA-9] 10/11/2000
Rep. Rothman, Steven R. [D-NJ-9] 10/11/2000
Rep. Coyne, William J. [D-PA-14] 10/11/2000
Rep. Norwood, Charles W. [R-GA-10] 10/11/2000
Rep. Sanders, Bernard [I-VT-At Large] 10/18/2000
Rep. Ackerman, Gary L. [D-NY-5] 10/18/2000
Rep. Andrews, Robert E. [D-NJ-1] 10/18/2000
Rep. Boucher, Rick [D-VA-9] 10/18/2000
Rep. Baldwin, Tammy [D-WI-2] 10/24/2000
Rep. King, Peter T. [R-NY-3] 10/24/2000
Rep. McIntyre, Mike [D-NC-7] 10/27/2000
Rep. Allen, Thomas H. [D-ME-1] 10/29/2000
Rep. Clayton, Eva M. [D-NC-1] 12/06/2000
Rep. Filner, Bob [D-CA-50] 12/06/2000
Rep. LaHood, Ray [R-IL-18] 12/06/2000

Committees (1)

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Committee / Subcommittee Date Activity Reports
House Commerce07/12/2000 Referred to
House Commerce Subcommittee on Health and Environment08/02/2000 Referred to

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Shown Here:
Introduced in House (07/12/2000)

Family Opportunity Act of 2000 - Amends title XVIII (Medicare) of the Social Security Act (SSA) to: (1) give States the option of allowing families of disabled children to purchase Medicaid coverage for such children; and (2) provide for treatment of inpatient psychiatric hospital services for individuals under age 21 under waivers allowing for payment for part or all of the cost of home or community-based services.

Authorizes a State to apply to the Secretary of Health and Human Services for approval of a demonstration project to provide Medicaid coverage to up to a specified maximum number of children with a potentially severe disability.

Amends SSA title V (Maternal and Child Health Services) to make appropriations to the Secretary for special projects of regional and national significance for development and support of family-to-family health information centers.

Amends SSA title XIX to provide for the restoration of Medicaid eligibility to certain SSI (Supplemental Security Income) (SSA title XVI) beneficiaries under age 21.