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Passed House amended (10/25/2000)

Older Americans Act Amendments of 2000 - Title I: Amendment to Title I of the Older Americans Act of 1965 - Amends the Older Americans Act of 1965 (the Act) to define: (1) disease prevention and health promotion services; (2) in-home services; (3) Native American; (4) domestic violence; and (5) sexual assault.

Title II: Amendments to Title II of the Older Americans Act of 1965 and the Older Americans Act Amendments of 1987 - Subtitle A: Amendments to Title II of the Older Americans Act of 1965 - Repeals specified duties of the Administration on Aging. Requires the Administration on Aging to: (1) conduct strict monitoring of State compliance with Federal requirements in all contractual and commercial relationships; (2) establish information and assistance services as priority services for older individuals and develop a National Eldercare Locator Service; (3) establish pension counseling and information programs; (4) develop a set of performance outcome measures to be used for planning, managing, and evaluating activities performed and services provided under the Act; and (5) improve in specified ways the delivery of services to older individuals living in rural areas.

(Sec. 202) Directs the Assistant Secretary of the Administration to award grants to eligible entities to establish pension counseling and information programs. Provides for a national telephone hotline to provide information regarding pension and other retirement benefits and rights.

Requires the Assistant Secretary to report to specified congressional committees on such programs and to make recommendations on services that can be incorporated into ongoing State and area agencies, senior centers, and other similar entities.

(Sec. 205) Reauthorizes appropriations for the Administration on Aging for FY 2001 through 2005. Authorizes appropriations for the National Eldercare Locator Service and the pension counseling and information programs.

Subtitle B: Amendments to the Older Americans Act Amendments of 1987 - Amends the Older Americans Act Amendments of 1987 to require the President to convene the White House Conference on Aging not later than December 31, 2005. Authorizes appropriations.

Title III: Amendments to Title III of the Older Americans Act of 1965 - Amends the Act to authorize appropriations for FY 2001 through 2005 for: (1) supportive services; (2) congregate nutrition services; (3) home delivered nutrition services; (4) disease prevention and health promotion services; and (5) family caregiver support. Revises the allotment formula for such funds.

(Sec. 304) Requires State agencies to set specific service-providing objectives for each planning and service area for, and undertake specific program development, advocacy, and outreach efforts focused on the needs of, older individuals residing in rural areas.

(Sec. 305) Revises requirements for area and State agency plans on aging.

(Sec. 307) Authorizes States to transfer up to 40 (currently 30) percent of allotments for any fiscal year between supportive and nutrition services programs.

(Sec. 308) Makes tribal organizations receiving grants under title VI of the Act eligible for disaster relief reimbursements.

(Sec. 309) Authorizes appropriations for a nutrition services incentive program.

(Sec. 310) Authorizes a State to implement cost sharing by recipients for all services, with specified exceptions, provided for in the Act. Requires cost sharing to be on a sliding scale based solely on individual income and the cost of delivering services.

Provides for waivers of cost sharing requirements upon demonstrations by area agencies that: (1) a significant proportion of recipients in the area have incomes below the threshold established in State policy; or (2) cost sharing would be an unreasonable administrative or financial burden.

Allows solicitations of voluntary contributions for services provided under the Act.

Requires States and area agencies to develop plans to ensure that the participation of low-income older individuals receiving services will not decrease with the implementation of cost sharing.

Directs the Assistant Secretary to take corrective action to assure that services are provided to all older individuals without regard to cost sharing criteria if there is a disparate impact upon low-income or minority older individuals in any State or region regarding provision of services.

Authorizes the Assistant Secretary, subject to certain requirements, to waive any of the following provisions of the Act with respect to a State: (1) specified Statewide uniformity requirements under title III; (2) area or State plan requirements; (3) restrictions on the amount that may be transferred between supportive and nutrition services programs; and (4) a requirement that certain amounts of a State allotment be used for the provision of services with respect to States that reduce expenditures under a State plan.

(Sec. 311) Expands the list of supportive services for which grants to States are provided.

(Sec. 312) Repeals the school-based Meals for Volunteer Older Individuals and Multigenerational Programs. Mandates that grants to States for nutrition projects in congregate settings include adult day care facilities and multigenerational meal sites.

(Sec. 313) Prescribes requirements for State nutrition projects.

(Sec. 314) Repeals provisions of the Act regarding: (1) in-home services for frail older individuals; (2) additional assistance for special needs of older individuals; and (3) supportive activities for caretakers who provide in-home services to frail older individuals.

(Sec. 316) Establishes grant programs for: (1) support services for family caregivers (including grandparents and older relatives) and development and testing of innovative approaches to sustaining the efforts of families and other informal caregivers of older individuals; and (2) activities of national significance to promote quality and continuous improvement in the support provided to family and other informal caregivers of older individuals through program evaluation, training, technical assistance, and research.

Title IV: Training, Research, and Discretionary Projects and Programs - Revises provisions regarding training, research, and discretionary projects, including the elimination of certain programs.

(Sec. 401) Authorizes the Assistant Secretary to make grants to and enter into contracts with States, public agencies, private nonprofit agencies, institutions of higher education, and organizations for specified education and training, social research, evaluation, and development of methods to improve programs related to older individuals. Authorizes appropriations.

Directs the Assistant Secretary to make grants to specified kinds of educational institutions to provide education and training to prepare students for careers in the field of aging.

Requires the Assistant Secretary to make grants to States, area agencies on aging, nonprofit organizations, or tribal organizations for specified activities relating to intervention in, and prevention of elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

Directs the Assistant Secretary to make grants to eligible public agencies and nonprofit private organizations to pay costs of developing or operating model health care service projects through multipurpose senior centers located in rural areas to meet the health care needs of medically underserved older individuals residing in such areas.

Authorizes the Assistant Secretary to award grants or contracts to: (1) entities to provide computer training and enhanced Internet access for older individuals; (2) nonprofit organizations to improve transportation services for older individuals; (3) eligible organizations to establish demonstration projects for multigenerational activities; (4) eligible entities to establish and operate Resource Centers on Native American Elders; (5) specified institutions to establish or support multidisciplinary centers of gerontology; (6) provide a national legal assistance support system for State and local agencies on aging , and support demonstration projects to deliver legal assistance to older individuals with social and economic needs; and (7) conduct demonstrations and evaluate cooperative projects between the State long-term care ombudsman program, legal assistance agencies, and State protection and advocacy systems for individuals with developmental disabilities or mental illness.

Requires the Assistant Secretary to make grants and enter into contracts to provide in-service training opportunities and courses of instruction on aging to Indian tribes through public or nonprofit Indian aging organizations and to provide an annual national meeting to train directors of programs under title IV of the Act.

Title V: Amendment to Title V of the Older Americans Act of 1965 - Revises requirements for projects for community service employment for older Americans.

(Sec. 501) Requires State Governors to submit annual State Senior Employment Services Coordination Plans to the Secretary of Labor.

Revises the formula for the distribution of assistance under this title.

Requires grantees under title V of the Act to be one-stop partners as described in the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 in the one-stop delivery system for the appropriate local workforce investment areas and to carry out the responsibilities relating to such partners.

Directs the Secretary to establish performance measures for grantees for projects and services carried out under title V of the Act.

Authorizes appropriations to carry out title V of the Act for FY 2001 through 2005 as well as additional sums as necessary to provide for at least 70,000 part-time employment positions for eligible individuals.

Title VI: Amendments to Title VI of the Older Americans Act of 1965 - Authorizes appropriations to carry out title VI of the Act.

(Sec. 604) Establishes a Native American caregiver support program.

Title VII: Amendments to Title VII of the Older Americans Act of 1965 - Authorizes appropriations to carry out the ombudsman and legal assistance development programs as well as a program to prevent elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

(Sec. 704) Revises provisions regarding the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program.

(Sec. 705) Requires the Secretary of Health and Human Services to study and report to Congress on the nature and extent of financial exploitation of older individuals.

(Sec. 706) Repeals provisions regarding State outreach, counseling, and assistance programs. Revises provisions regarding a State legal assistance development program.

(Sec. 707) Authorizes appropriations for a Native American elder rights and protection program.

Title VIII: Technical and Conforming Amendments - Makes technical and conforming amendments.