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Introduced in Senate (01/19/1999)

Conservation and Reinvestment Act of 1999 - Title I: Coastal Impact Assistance - Coastal Conservation and Impact Assistance Act of 1998 (sic) - Establishes the Outer Continental Shelf Impact Assistance Fund (OCSIAF) to provide impact assistance to coastal States from a portion (27 percent) of allocable new OCS revenues (payments received by the United States as royalties, net profit share payments, and related late-payment interest from natural gas and oil leases under the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act). Sets forth a formula for use by the Secretary of the Interior to determine the portion of the allocable share of new revenues attributable to each coastal State (with an adjustment for oil-, condensate-, or natural gas-producing States) and county eligible to receive impact assistance payments. Mandates that such OCSIA funds be expended by the eligible coastal States and counties for certain environmental projects and activities. Requires: (1) an eligible county to submit for the Governor's approval a plan setting forth the projects and activities for which it proposes to expend OCSIA funds; and (2) the Governor of each recipient State to account to the Congress for all OCSIA monies received for the previous fiscal year, to develop a State plan for the use of such monies, and to certify the plan to the Secretary.

Title II: Land and Water Conservation Fund Reform - Land and Water Conservation Fund Reform Act of 1998 (sic) - Amends the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act of 1965 (LWCFA) to require an amount equal to 16 percent of specified Outer Continental Shelf revenues to be deposited in the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) in the Treasury.

(Sec. 203) Makes such funds available, without further appropriation, to carry out LWCFA for each fiscal year through FY 2015. Authorizes appropriations to maintain a certain minimum total annual income of the LWCF.

Makes certain amounts covered into the LWCF available for expenditure without appropriation. Sets forth formulae for allocation of such funds for: (1) Federal acquisition of certain lands, waters, or interests; (2) financial assistance to the States for land acquisition, urban conservation, and recreation projects; and (3) local governments through the Urban Parks and Recreation Recovery Program of the Department of the Interior.

Provides for LWCFA allocation of funds to: (1) States for rehabilitation of outdoor recreation facilities; and (2) Indian tribes and Alaska Native Village Corporations.

Requires States to make at least 50 percent of the annual State apportionment under LWCFA available as grants to local governments.

Replaces, within a five-year period, LWCFA requirements for comprehensive State plans with requirements for State action agendas. Allows each State to define its own priorities and criteria for selection of outdoor recreation and conservation acquisition and development projects eligible for LWCFA grants so long as it provides for public involvement in this process and publishes an accurate and current State Action Agenda for Community Recreation and Conservation. Requires such Agendas to: (1) be strategic, originating in broad-based and long-term needs, but focused on actions that can be funded over the next four years, and be updated every four years; (2) consider all providers of recreation and conservation lands, and correlate with other State, regional and local plans for parks, recreation, open space, and wetlands conservation; (3) address wetlands as important outdoor recreation and conservation resources, and incorporate a State wetlands priority conservation plan consistent with the national plan developed under the Emergency Wetlands Resources Act; and (4) be guided in part by recovery action programs developed by urban localities under the Urban Park and Recreation Recovery Act.

Revises LWCFA conditions for approval of conversions. Sets the maximum Federal cost for LWCFA land acquisition unless acquisition funds are specifically reported and approved by a resolution adopted by certain congressional committees.

(Sec. 204) Amends the Urban Park and Recreation Recovery Act (UPRRA) to provide (in addition to the current types of at-risk recreation grants and recovery action program grants) for matching capital grants to local governments in the form of: (1) development grants for development and construction on existing or new neighborhood recreation sites, including indoor and outdoor recreation facilities, support facilities, and landscaping, but excluding routine maintenance and upkeep activities; and (2) acquisition grants for purchasing new parkland to be permanently dedicated and made accessible for public recreation use.

Revises UPRRA requirements for: (1) eligibility; (2) matching grants; (3) coordination; and (4) conversion approval.

Repeals the limitation on the use of UPRRA funds for acquisition of land or interests in land.

Title III: Wildlife Conservation and Restoration - Wildlife Conservation and Restoration Act of 1998 (sic) - Amends the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act (FAWRA) to require an amount equal to seven percent of specified Outer Continental Shelf revenues to be deposited in a new subaccount in the Federal aid to wildlife restoration fund (FAWRF), to be invested and to be made available without further appropriation, for apportionment in FY 2000 and thereafter for State wildlife conservation and restoration programs.

(Sec. 306) Sets forth requirements for: (1) allocation of such subaccount receipts; (2) applications for approval of, and development grants for, State wildlife conservation and restoration programs; and (3) coordination.

(Sec. 307) Allows certain subaccount funds for such a State wildlife conservation and restoration program to be used for law enforcement and public relations.

(Sec. 308) Prohibits a State from receiving FAWRA matching funds if it diverts any funds from wildlife conservation purposes.