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From the Congressional Record, Volume 146 (2000)

[History of Bills, Volume 146 (2000)]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office,]

S. 2869--A bill to protect religious liberty, and for other purposes.

By Mr. HATCH (for himself, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Hutchinson, Mr. Daschle, 
Mr. Bennett, Mr. Lieberman, and Mr. Schumer), S6678 [13JY]

  Read the first time, S6762 [13JY]
  Read the second time, S6767 [14JY]
  Cosponsors added, S6846 [14JY], S7690 [26JY]
  Message from the Senate, H7188 [27JY], H7216 [6SE]
  Passed House, H7190 [27JY]
  Text, H7191 [27JY]
  Debated, S7774 [27JY]
  Passed Senate amended, S7779 [27JY]
  Text, S7779 [27JY]
  Message from the House, S8000, S8001 [5SE]
  Presented to the President (September 18, 2000), S8656 [18SE]
  Approved [Public Law 106-274] (signed September 22, 2000)