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Introduced in Senate (03/23/1999)


Title I: Authorization of Appropriations for United States

Customs Service for Enhanced Inspection, Trade

Facilitation, and Drug Interdiction

Title II: Customs Performance Report

Comprehensive Border Protection Act of 1999 - Title I: Authorization of Appropriations for United States Customs Service for Enhanced Inspection, Trade Facilitation, and Drug Interdiction - Amends the Customs Procedural Reform and Simplification Act of 1978 to authorize appropriations for FY 2000 and 2001 for the United States Customs Service for: (1) noncommercial and commercial operations; and (2) the air and marine interdiction program. Requires the Commissioner of Customs to submit to specified congressional committees a projected budget for the succeeding fiscal year (out-year).

(Sec. 102) Earmarks amounts for: (1) the acquisition and deployment of narcotics detection equipment (including maintenance and support of such equipment, training of personnel, and new technologies) along the United States-Mexico border, the United States-Canada border, and Florida and the Gulf Coast seaports; (2) additional inspectors, canine enforcement officers, special agents, and enhanced investigative resources during peak hours along such borders (including the Bahamas); (3) air and marine drug interdiction operation and maintenance; and (4) agent rotation and elimination of background investigation backlog.

(Sec. 106) Requires the Commissioner of Customs, as part of the annual program activity performance plan set forth in the Customs Service budget, to establish performance goals and performance indicators, and comply with certain other requirements with respect to such border activities.

(Sec. 107) Changes the basic pay rate of the Commissioner from level IV to level III of the Executive schedule.

(Sec. 108) Directs the Customs Service, without regard to whether a passenger processing fee is collected from a person departing for the United States from Canada and without regard to whether funds are appropriated, to provide the same level of enhanced preclearance customs services for passengers arriving in the United States aboard commercial aircraft originating in Canada as the Customs Service provided for such passengers during FY 1997. Authorizes appropriations.

Title II: Customs Performance Report - Directs the Commissioner of Customs to report to the appropriate congressional committees with respect to: (1) identification of enforcement priorities and trade facilitation objectives, including the reasons for selecting the objectives contained in its most recent performance plan covering each of its programs; (2) a review of the Customs Service's implementation of the Customs Modernization Act and a summary of the results of the reviews of industry-wide compliance assessments conducted by it as part of its compliance initiative; (3) proposals for improvement of the commercial operations of the Customs Service; (4) a review of Customs Service enforcement responsibilities; (5) a comprehensive strategy for the Customs Service role in the U.S. drug interdiction efforts; (6) the identification of ways to expand cooperation with U.S. importers and customs brokers, U.S. and foreign carriers, and other members of the international trade and transportation communities to improve the detection of contraband before it leaves a foreign port destined for the United States; (7) an outline of the basis for the current allocation of Customs Service inspection and investigative personnel; (8) identification of the automation needs of the Customs Service and an explanation of the current state of the Automated Commercial System and the status of implementing a replacement for such system; and (9) an overview of the current Customs Service personnel practices and workforce needs.