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Conference report filed in House (07/19/2001)

.Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2001 - Makes supplemental appropriations for FY 2001.

Title I: National Security Matters - Chapter 1: Department of Justice - Makes supplemental appropriations for the Department of Justice for payment to the Radiation Exposure Compensation Trust Fund.

Chapter 2: Department of Defense - Military - Makes supplemental appropriations for the Department of Defense (DOD) for: (1) military personnel, including the reserves and the National Guard; (2) operation and maintenance; (3) procurement and shipbuilding and conversion; (4) research, development, test and evaluation; (5) Defense Working Capital Funds; and (6) the Defense Health Program, including increases in TRICARE contract costs.

(Sec. 1203) Appropriates emergency funds for the repair of the U.S.S. COLE.

(Sec. 1204) Rescinds specified funds made available in prior defense appropriations Acts, including funds for aircraft procurement.

(Sec. 1205) Appropriates funds for DOD for facilities repairs and damages resulting from natural disasters.

Chapter 3: Department of Energy - Makes supplemental appropriations for the Department of Energy for: (1) weapons activities; (2) defense environmental restoration and waste management; (3) defense facilities closure projects; (4) defense environmental management privatization; and (5) other defense activities.

Chapter 4: Military Construction - Makes supplemental appropriations for: (1) military construction; (2) military family housing; and (3) the Base Realignment and Closure Account, Part IV.

Authorizes the Secretary of the Army to expend additional funds to construct and renovate the Cadet Physical Development Center at the United States Military Academy, under certain conditions.

(Sec. 1403) Rescinds specified funds appropriated in previous military construction appropriations Acts.

Title II: Other Supplemental Appropriations - Chapter 1: Department of Agriculture - Appropriates additional amounts for the: (1) Office of the Secretary of Agriculture, including set-asides for enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act, enhancement of humane slaughter methods, and promotion of humane animal treatment; (2) the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service; and (3) Natural Resources Conservation Service, to repair damages to waterways and watersheds resulting from natural disasters. Rescinds specified funds appropriated to the Farm Service Agency for the Agricultural Conservation Program.

(Sec. 2101) Amends the Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2001 to provide for the transfer of certain Plant Health Inspection Service funds for a specified post entry plant quarantine facility and related laboratories.

(Sec. 2103) Directs the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation to promulgate specified final regulations without regard to certain paperwork and notice and comment requirements.

(Sec. 2104) Provides additional amounts for water conservation-related assistance to eligible producers in the Klamath Basin.

(Sec. 2105) Reduces specified food stamp program amounts.

(Sec. 2106) Rescinds specified food stamp employment and training amounts.

(Sec. 2107) Appropriates additional amounts for water conservation-related assistance to eligible producers in the Yakima Basin, Washington.

Chapter 2: Department of Commerce - Makes appropriations (including rescissions) for the Department of Commerce for certain coastal and ocean activities of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Rescinds funds made available for the Emergency Oil and Gas Guaranteed Loan program.

Makes appropriations for the Small Business Administration (including rescissions) for salaries and expenses and for the costs of guaranteed loans under the New Markets Venture Capital program.

(Sec. 2201) Revises the date for the adoption of final regulations concerning permits under the fishing capacity reduction program from May 1, 2001, to as soon as practicable.

(Sec. 2202) Amends the American Fisheries Act and other law with respect to the documentation of vessels and preferred mortgages, including by revising methods by which commercial fishing vessel lenders demonstrate citizenship status.

Chapter 3: District of Columbia - Appropriates funds for a Federal contribution to the Chief Financial Officer of the District of Columbia for the Excel Institute Adult Education program.

Makes supplemental appropriations out of the District of Columbia's general fund (and other funds, in some cases) for: (1) governmental direction and support (including a rescission); (2) economic development and regulation; (3) public safety and justice (including a rescission); (4) the public education system, mainly for conducting the 2001 summer school program; (5) human support services; (6) public works; (7) the workforce investments program; (8) the Wilson Building; and (9) the Water and Sewer Authority and the Washington Aqueduct. Rescinds specified FY 2001 funds earmarked in the District of Columbia Appropriations Act, 2001 for Taxicab Inspectors.

(Sec. 2301) Requires the Mayor of the District of Columbia to report to specified congressional committees on the specific authority necessary to carry out certain responsibilities transferred to the Chief Financial Officer in a non-control year and certain responsibilities relating to the transition of responsibilities under the District of Columbia Financial Responsibility and Management Assistance Act of 1995.

Chapter 4: Department of Defense - Civil - Makes emergency supplemental appropriations for the Army Corps of Engineers for: (1) flood control, Mississippi River and tributaries, Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee; (2) operation and maintenance; and (3) flood control and coastal emergencies.

Makes supplemental appropriations for the Department of Energy for: (1) non-defense environmental management; (2) uranium facilities maintenance and remediation; and (3) construction, rehabilitation, and operation and maintenance for the Western Area Power Administration.

(Sec. 2401) Makes certain funds appropriated under the Energy and Water Appropriations Act, 2001 available for completion of the feasibility study for Chickamauga Lock, Tennessee.

(Sec. 2403) Amends the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act of 2000 to include the occurrence of renal cancers as a basis for employee benefits.

Chapter 5: Bilateral Economic Assistance - Appropriates specified funds for the Child Survival and Disease Programs Fund for the U.S. contribution to a global trust fund to combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis. Rescinds an identical amount made available under the Foreign Operations, Export Financing, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 2001, and designated for a contribution to an international HIV/AIDS fund.

Chapter 6: Department of the Interior - Makes emergency supplemental appropriations for the Department of the Interior for: (1) the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for the management of lands and resources; (2) the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for construction; (3) the National Park Service for the U.S. Park Police; and (4) Bureau of Indian Affairs for the operation of Indian programs.

Makes emergency supplemental appropriations for the Department of Agriculture for the Forest Service for: (1) forest and rangeland research; (2) State and private forestry; (3) the National Forest System; and (4) capital improvement and maintenance.

(Sec. 2601) Makes funds appropriated under a prior Act available for completion of a wilderness study at Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Wisconsin.

(Sec. 2602) Rescinds unobligated balances of funds transferred to the Secretary of the Interior for maintenance, protection, or preservation of certain lands of the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site, South Dakota.

(Sec. 2603) Authorizes BLM to transfer necessary sums to complete individual land exchanges identified under the Steens Mountain Cooperative Management and Protection Act.

(Sec. 2606) Permits the Forest Service to receive reimbursement for expenditures for projects that otherwise qualify for the use of Federal-aid highways funds.

(Sec. 2607) Permits use of specified Forest Service funds for Ketchikan Public Utilities to hire workers to remove timber within the right-of-way for the Swan Lake-Lake Tyee Intertie.

Chapter 7: Department of Labor - Provides additional amounts for Training and Employment Services (TES) of the Employment and Training Administration of the Department of Labor to carry out certain provisions of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). Rescinds specified funds for the TES under the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2001 (2001 Act), including certain amounts for adult employment and training activities and the national reserve under WIA, for safe schools/healthy schools, and for dislocated worker employment and training activities. Directs the Secretary of Labor to reduce State allotments for program year 2001 in order to compensate for the rescission of funds.

Reduces an amount of funds in the 2001 Act for health resources and services of the Health Resources and Services Administration of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Transfers funds from the National Library of Medicine to Buildings and Facilities, National Institutes of Health, for the design of a National Library of Medicine facility.

Makes appropriations for maintenance, repair, preservation, and protection of the federally owned facilities at St. Elizabeth's Hospital, including the Civil War Cemetery.

Provides additional amounts for Low Income Home Energy Assistance by the Administration for Children and Families of the Department of Health and Human Services, under the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1981, and earmarks such funds for the home energy assistance needs of States.

Sets or earmarks certain amounts or revises certain provisions, under the 2001 Act and related conference report statements, under the following program categories for the Department of Education: (1) Education Reform (for the technology innovation challenge grant to Western Kentucky University to improve teacher preparation programs that help incorporate technology into school curriculum); (2) Education for the Disadvantaged; (3) Impact Aid; (4) Special Education (with respect to certain provisions relating to Easter Seals of Arkansas); and (5) Education Research, Statistics, and Improvement.

(Sec. 2701) Amends the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act of 1998 to: (1) exclude from eligibility for certain grants to tribally controlled postsecondary vocational and technical institutions any such institution receiving Federal support under the Tribally Controlled College or University Assistance Act of 1978 or the Navajo Community College Act; and (2) include institutional support of vocational and technical education among the expenses eligible to be covered under such grants program.

(Sec. 2702) Amends the Communications Act of 1934 to authorize appropriations to the Public Broadcasting Fund for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to provide discretionary grant assistance for the transition of public broadcasting from analog to digital technology.

(Sec. 2703) Amends the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 to revise certain Impact Aid program eligibility requirements for new heavily-impacted local educational agencies. Directs the Secretary of Education to make certain learning-opportunity-threshold payments from specified funds made available for Impact Aid basic support payments under the 2001 Act.

Chapter 8: Legislative Branch - Makes supplemental appropriations to: (1) the House of Representatives, including for payments to the widow of Norman Sisisky, late a Representative from Virginia, and to the heir of John Joseph Moakley, late a Representative from Massachusetts and for Members' representational allowances, standing committees, special and select, the Committee on Appropriations, allowances and expenses; (2) the Capitol Police Board; (3) the Office of Compliance; (4) the Government Printing Office; and (5) the Library of Congress for a collaborative telecommunications project with the United States Military Academy.

(Sec. 2803) Amends the Supplemental Appropriations Act of 1977 to authorize the President pro tempore of the Senate to appoint one individual consultant.

(Sec. 2804) Amends the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission Act to direct the Librarian of Congress (currently, the Administrator of General Services) to provide necessary administrative support services to the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission.

(Sec. 2805) Authorizes the Architect of the Capitol to use current year appropriations to reimburse the Department of the Treasury for prior year water and sewer services payments otherwise chargeable to closed accounts.

(Sec. 2806) Requires the Members of the Senate on the Joint Economic Committee (to be appointed by the President of the Senate for the duration of the 107th Congress) to be represented by six Members of the majority party and five Members of the minority party.

Chapter 9: Department of Transportation - Rescinds a specified amount of contract authority for: (1) the Office of the Secretary of Transportation for rental payments; and (2) grants-in-aid for airports.

Makes supplemental appropriations for: (1) the Coast Guard (including a rescission) for operating expenses and for the repair of Coast Guard facilities necessitated by the Nisqually earthquake; and (2) the United States-Canada Railroad Commission to study the feasibility of connecting the rail system in Alaska to the North American continental rail system.

Appropriates funds from the Highway Trust Fund for the improvement, restoration, or replacement of certain damaged highways. Rescinds specified unobligated balances made available for completed highway projects under specified acts.

Chapter 10: Department of the Treasury - Makes supplemental appropriations for the Department of the Treasury for: (1) the costs of providing operational and perimeter security at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah; (2) the Financial Management Service for salaries and expenses; and (3) the Internal Revenue Service for processing, assistance, and management.

Transfers funds for the Federal payment to the Morris K. Udall Scholarship and Excellence in National Environmental Policy Foundation.

(Sec. 21001) Designates the classroom building constructed on the Core Campus of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia, as the Paul Coverdell Building.

(Sec. 21002) Rescinds specified funds made available to the Internal Revenue Service for Processing Assistance and Management, Tax Law Enforcement, and the Earned Income Tax Credit Compliance Initiative.

Chapter 11: Department of Veterans Affairs - Makes supplemental appropriations for the Department of Veterans Affairs for the Veterans Benefits Administration for compensation and pensions and readjustment benefits. Increases the amount available to the Veterans Health Administration for medical and prosthetic research that may be used for travel expenses. Authorizes a transfer of funds from medical care to general operating expenses.

Rescinds a specified amount of unobligated balances of the Housing Certificate Fund of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Makes HUD appropriations available for Native American housing block grants to be used to address the mold problem at the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation.

Rescinds specified unobligated balances of the community development fund under the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Housing and Urban Development, and Independent Agencies Appropriations Act, 2001 and appropriates such rescinded funds for such purposes through FY 2003.

Provides certain Federal Housing Administration funds to liquidate FY 2000 deficiencies in the mutual mortgage insurance program account.

Makes supplemental appropriations to the Department of Defense for Army cemeterial salaries and expenses.

Authorizes the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, using specified funds, to award grants for work on New York watersheds.

Provides that notwithstanding a restriction on the use of National Aeronautics and Space Administration funds for human space flight, a specified amount shall be available for research supporting life and micro-gravity science and applications.

Title III: General Provisions--This Act - Prohibits any appropriation in this Act from remaining available beyond FY 2001 unless expressly so provided.

(Sec. 3002) Appropriates funds to the United States-China Security Review Commission.