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Date Actions Overview
10/29/2002 Became Public Law No: 107-252.
10/29/2002 Signed by President.
10/23/2002 Presented to President.
10/16/2002 Conference report agreed to in Senate: Senate agreed to conference report by Yea-Nay Vote. 92 - 2. Record Vote Number: 238.
10/15/2002 Resolving differences -- Senate actions: Senate receded from its amendment to the title Unanimous Consent.
10/10/2002 Resolving differences -- House actions: Without objection, the House insists on its disagreement to the Senate amendment to the title.
10/10/2002 Conference report agreed to in House: On agreeing to the conference report Agreed to by the Yeas and Nays: 357 - 48 (Roll no. 462).
10/10/2002 Conference committee actions: Conferees agreed to file conference report.
10/08/2002 Conference report filed: Conference report H. Rept. 107-730 filed.(text of conference report: CR H7247-7268)
04/11/2002 To conference: Senate insisted on its amendments, requested a conference.
04/11/2002 Passed/agreed to in Senate: Passed Senate with an amendment and an amendment to the Title by Unanimous Consent.(text as passed Senate: CR S2544-2556)
04/11/2002 Senate Committee on Rules and Administration discharged by Unanimous Consent.
12/12/2001 Passed/agreed to in House: On passage Passed by the Yeas and Nays: 362 - 63 (Roll no. 489).
12/10/2001 Committee on Armed Services discharged.
12/10/2001 Committee on Government Reform discharged.
12/10/2001 Committee on Science discharged.
12/10/2001 Committee on Judiciary discharged.
12/10/2001 Reported (Amended) by the Committee on House Administration. H. Rept. 107-329, Part I.
11/14/2001 Introduced in House