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From the Congressional Record, Volume 148 (2002)

H.R. 4691--A bill to prohibit certain abortion-related discrimination 
    in governmental activities; to the Committee on Energy and 

By Mr. BILIRAKIS (for himself, Mr. Armey, Mr. Tauzin, Mr. Stupak, Mr. 
Smith of New Jersey, Mr. Barcia, Mr. Taylor of Mississippi, Mr. Barton 
of Texas, Mr. Upton, Mr. Stearns, Mr. Deal of Georgia, Mr. Burr of 
North Carolina, Mr. Whitfield, Mr. Norwood, Mrs. Cubin, Mr. Pickering, 
Mr. Bryant, Mr. Pitts, Mr. Wicker, Mr. Mica, Mr. Weldon of Florida, 
Mr. Lewis of Kentucky, Mr. Bartlett of Maryland, Mr. Cooksey, and Mr. 
Jeff Miller of Florida), H2354 [9MY]

  Cosponsors added, H2662 [20MY], H2946 [22MY], H3293 [6JN], H3860 
  [24JN], H3928 [25JN], H4498 [10JY], H4931 [18JY], H5998 [26JY], 
  H6172 [10SE], H6251 [12SE], H6419 [19SE], H6559 [24SE]
  Provided for consideration (H. Res. 546), H6558 [24SE]
  Debated, H6574 [25SE]
  Text, H6574 [25SE]
  Passed House, H6586 [25SE]
  Message from the House, S9418 [26SE]
  Read the first time, S9418, S9550 [26SE]
  Read the second time, S9561 [30SE]
  Placed on the calendar, S9594 [30SE]