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Passed House without amendment (10/10/2002)

Keeping Children and Families Safe Act of 2002 - Title I: Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act - Subtitle A: General Program - (Sec. 111) Amends the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act with respect to guidelines governing national clearinghouse dissemination of information on: (1) all effective child abuse programs, including community-based programs that hold potential for broad implementation and replication; (2) technical assistance for prosecution of child physical and sexual abuse cases and for psychological services to child victims; and (3) training resources available to law enforcement personnel and designated persons engaged in delivery of child abuse services.

(Sec. 112) Instructs the Secretary of Health and Human Services to : (1) implement an expanded continuing interdisciplinary and longitudinal research program; and (2) provide an opportunity for public comment regarding research priorities.

Removes the "nonprofit" restriction placed upon participating entities receiving Federal technical assistance.

Authorizes the Secretary to make grants for demonstration programs and projects for: (1) visitation and exchange; (2) adolescent victim/victimizer prevention; (3) enhanced linkage between child protective service agencies and public health, mental health, and developmental disabilities agencies; (4) pediatric and adolescent care facilities; (5) grantee use of scientific evaluation techniques; and (6) enhanced child abuse prevention and treatment.

(Sec. 115) Instructs the Comptroller General to conduct a wide-range survey of child protection service systems and report to Congress on the cross training of child protective service workers and court personnel.

Expresses the sense of Congress that the Secretary should encourage all States and other entities that receive assistance under this Act to ensure that children and families with limited English proficiency who participate in programs under this Act are provided materials and services in an appropriate language other than English.

(Sec. 116) Authorizes appropriations for FY 2003 through 2007.

(Sec. 117) Directs the Secretary to study and report to Congress on the efficacy of certain citizen review panels.

Subtitle B: Community-Based Grants for the Prevention of Child Abuse - (Sec. 121) Directs the Secretary to make grants to programs that: (1) demonstrate a commitment to meaningful parent leadership, including parents of children with disabilities, parents with disabilities, racial and ethnic minorities, and members of other underrepresented or underserved groups; and (2) provide referrals to early health and developmental services.

(Sec. 122) Removes the "Statewide network" requirement for Federal grant eligibility.

(Sec. 124) Repeals the authority for existing grants for: (1) the Community-based Family Resource programs; (2) the Family Support Center programs; (3) the Emergency Child Abuse Prevention Services grant program; and (4) programs under the Temporary Child Care for Children with Disabilities and Crisis Nurseries Act of 1986.

(Sec. 127) Revises the requirements for performance measures for grantee States.

(Sec. 130) Authorizes appropriations for FY 2003 through 2007.

Title II: Adoption Opportunities - (Sec. 202) Amends the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment and Adoption Reform Act of 1978 to direct the Secretary to provide for the implementation of programs that increase the number of older foster care children placed in adoptive families, with a special emphasis on child-specific recruitment strategies, including a grants program to eliminate barriers to placing children for adoption across jurisdictional boundaries.

(Sec. 203) Requires the Secretary to study and report to congressional committees on: (1) how interstate placements are financed across State lines; (2) recommendations on best practice models for both interstate and intrastate adoptions; and (3) how State policies defining special needs children differentiate or group similar categories of children.

(Sec. 204) Requires the Secretary to: (1) study and report to congressional committees on adoption outcomes and the factors affecting those outcomes; and (2) make recommendations to Congress for an action plan to facilitate interjurisdictional adoption of foster children.

(Sec. 205) Authorizes appropriations for FY 2003 through 2007.

Title III: Abandoned Infants Assistance - (Sec. 302) Amends the Abandoned Infants Assistance Act of 1988 to prohibit the Secretary from making a grant unless the grant applicant agrees to give priority to abandoned infants and young children who: (1) are infected with, or have been perinatally exposed to, the human immunodeficiency virus, or have a life-threatening illness or other special medical need; or (2) have been perinatally exposed to a dangerous drug.

(Sec. 303) Instructs the Secretary to study and report to Congress on: (1) the number of abandoned infants and young children; and (2) effective intervention to prevent such abandonment and to respond to the needs of those children.

(Sec. 304) Authorizes appropriations for FY 2003 through 2007.