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From the Congressional Record, Volume 147 (2001)

H.R. 775--A bill to establish a program to provide funds to State and 
    local governments to replace punch card voting systems, to 
    establish the Election Administration Commission to make grants to 
    State and local governments to assist in the administration of 
    Federal elections, to develop a model election code, and otherwise 
    provide assistance with the administration of certain Federal 
    election laws and programs, and for other purposes; to the 
    Committees on House Administration; Government Reform.

By Mr. HOYER (for himself, Mr. Horn, Mr. Price of North Carolina, Mr. 
Fattah, Mr. Davis of Florida, Mr. Frost, Mr. Menendez, Ms. Eddie 
Bernice Johnson of Texas, Mr. Reyes, Mr. Dingell, Mr. Stenholm, Mr. 
Lantos, Mr. Abercrombie, Mr. Blagojevich, Mr. Brown of Ohio, Mr. 
Langevin, Mr. Baca, Mr. Baird, Mr. Bentsen, Ms. Brown of Florida, Mr. 
Boyd, Mr. Carson of Oklahoma, Mrs. Christensen, Mr. Clay, Mr. Crowley, 
Mr. Deutsch, Mr. Dooley of California, Mr. Etheridge, Mr. Ford, Mr. 
Gonzalez, Mr. Gordon, Mr. Hall of Ohio, Mr. Hastings of Florida, Mr. 
Hill, Mr. Hinojosa, Mr. Holt, Mr. Jackson of Illinois, Ms. Jackson-Lee 
of Texas, Mr. Jefferson, Mrs. Jones of Ohio, Mr. Kennedy of Rhode 
Island, Mr. Lipinski, Mrs. Maloney of New York, Mr. Matheson, Ms. 
McCollum, Mr. McGovern, Ms. McKinney, Mrs. Meek of Florida, Mr. Moore, 
Mr. Pastor, Mr. Ross, Ms. Roybal-Allard, Mr. Rush, Mrs. Tauscher, Mr. 
Thompson of California, Mr. Thompson of Mississippi, Mrs. Thurman, Mr. 
Towns, Mr. Watt of North Carolina, Mr. Wexler, and Mr. Wynn), H505 

  Cosponsors added, H651 [6MR], H5927 [21SE]