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From the Congressional Record, Volume 148 (2002)

[History of Bills, Volume 148 (2002)]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office,]

H. Con. Res. 465--Concurrent resolution recognizing, applauding, and 
    supporting the efforts of the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation, a 
    nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of Georgia, to 
    utilize veteran aviators of the Armed Forces and former Army 
    Aviation aircraft to inspire Americans and to ensure that our 
    Nation's military legacy and heritage of service are never 
    forgotten; to the Committee on Armed Services.

By Mr. COLLINS, H6229 [11SE]

  Rules suspended. Agreed to in the House amended, H7128 [7OC]
  Text, H7128 [7OC]
  Message from the House, S10113 [8OC]