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Engrossed in House (02/13/2001)

[Congressional Bills 107th Congress]
[From the U.S. Government Printing Office]
[H. Res. 34 Engrossed in House (EH)]

                 In the House of Representatives, U.S.,

                                                     February 13, 2001.
Whereas the Governments of the United States and Israel are close allies and 
        share a deep and abiding friendship based on a shared commitment to 
        democratic values;
Whereas since its establishment in 1948, Israel has fulfilled the dreams of its 
        founders, who envisioned a vigorous, open, and stable democracy;
Whereas the centerpiece of Israeli democracy is its system of competitive, free, 
        and open elections;
Whereas on February 6, 2001, the people of Israel elected Ariel Sharon as Prime 
        Minister of Israel; and
Whereas the election on February 6, 2001, is the most recent example of the 
        commitment of Israel to the democratic ideals of freedom and pluralism, 
        ideals that Israel shares with the United States: Now, therefore, be it
    Resolved, That the House of Representatives--
            (1) congratulates Ariel Sharon on his election as Prime Minister, 
        and extends to him the best wishes of the people of the United States;
            (2) commends the people of Israel for reaffirming, through their 
        participation in the election on February 6, 2001, their dedication to 
        democratic ideals;
            (3) urges Palestine Liberation Organization Chairman Yasser Arafat 
        to use his influence and resources to see that violence in the Middle 
        East is brought to an end;
            (4) calls upon the countries that neighbor Israel and upon the 
        international community to respect the freely expressed will of the 
        people of Israel and to be prepared to engage in constructive relations 
        with the new Government of Israel;
            (5) reaffirms the close bonds of friendship that have bound the 
        people of the United States and the people of Israel together through 
        turbulent times for more than half a century; and
            (6) restates the commitment of the United States to a secure peace 
        for Israel.