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Reported to Senate with amendment(s) (03/14/2002)

Wartime Treatment Study Act - Title I: Commission on Wartime Treatment of European Americans - Establishes the Commission on Wartime Treatment of European Americans and Refugees to review the U.S. Government's wartime treatment of European Americans and European Latin Americans.

Directs that such review include: (1) a comprehensive review of the facts and circumstances surrounding U.S. Government actions during World War II which violated the civil liberties of European Americans and European Latin Americans; (2) a review of U.S. Government action with respect to European Americans, including registration requirements, travel and property restrictions, establishment of restricted areas, raids, arrests, internment, exclusion, internee employment by American companies, exchange, repatriation, and deportment, and the immediate and long-term effect of such actions, particularly internment; (3) a brief review of the participation by European Americans, including those whose families were interned, repatriated, or excluded, in the U.S. armed forces; and (4) a recommendation of appropriate remedies, including how civil liberties can be better protected during war, an assessment of the continued viability of the Alien Enemy Act, and public education programs. Authorizes appropriations.

Title II: Commission on Wartime Treatment of Jewish Refugees - Establishes the Jewish Refugee Commission to review the U.S. Government's refusal to allow Jewish and other refugees fleeing persecution in Europe entry to the United States during the period between January 1, 1933, through December 31, 1945.

Directs that such review include a review of: (1) the underlying rationale of the Government's decision to refuse entry, the information the Government received or acquired suggesting such refusal was necessary, the perceived benefit of such refusal, and the impact of such refusal on the refugees; and (2) Federal refugee policy relating to those fleeing persecution or genocide, including recommendations for making it easier for future victims of persecution or genocide to obtain refuge in the United States.