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From the Congressional Record, Volume 150 (2004)

H.R. 3936--A bill to amend title 38, United States Code, to authorize 
    the principal office of the United States Court of Appeals for 
    Veterans Claims to be at any location in the Washington, D.C., 
    metropolitan area, rather than only in the District of Columbia, 
    and expressing the sense of Congress that a dedicated Veterans 
    Courthouse and Justice Center should be provided for that Court 
    and those it serves and should be located, if feasible, at a site 
    owned by the United States that is part of or proximate to the 
    Pentagon Reservation, and for other purposes; to the Committees on 
    Veterans' Affairs; Armed Services.

By Mr. SMITH of New Jersey (for himself, Mr. Evans, and Mr. Skelton), 
H1070 [11MR]

  Cosponsors added, H1230 [17MR], H2200 [20AP], H2406 [27AP], H2549 
  [4MY], H2658 [5MY], H3391 [19MY], H3605 [1JN], H3821 [8JN]
  Reported from the Committee on Veterans' Affairs (H. Rept. 108-574, 
  part 1) (omitted from the Record of June 25, 2004), H5194 [6JY]
  Committee on Armed Services discharged, H5194 [6JY]
  Referral to the Committee on Armed Services extended (omitted from 
  the Record of June 25, 2004), H5194 [6JY]
  Rules suspended. Passed House, H6076 [20JY]
  Text, H6076 [20JY]
  Message from the House, S8541 [21JY], S11492 [18NO], S11798 [20NO]
  Referred to the Committee on Veterans's Affairs, S8853 [7SE]
  Amendments, S10997, S11007 [9OC]
  Committee discharged. Passed Senate amended (text of S. 2485 
  inserted in lieu), S11007 [9OC]
  Message from the Senate, H9685 [16NO]
  Debated, H9772 [17NO]
  Amendments, H9772 [17NO]
  Rules suspended. House agreed to Senate amendments, H9787 [17NO]
  Examined and signed in the House, H10072 [19NO]
  Examined and signed in the Senate, S11798 [20NO]
  Presented to the President (November 20, 2004), H10925 [6DE]
  Approved [Public Law 108-422] (signed November 30, 2004)