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From the Congressional Record, Volume 150 (2004)

H.R. 5360--A bill to authorize grants to establish academies for 
    teachers and students of American history and civics, and for 
    other purposes; to the Committee on Education and the Workforce.

By Mr. WICKER, H9744 [16NO]

  Message from the House, S11634 [19NO], S12095 [20DE]
  Rules suspended. Passed House amended, H10023 [19NO]
  Text, H10023 [19NO]
  Passed Senate, S11861 [7DE]
  Message from the Senate, H11049 [7DE]
  Examined and signed in the Senate (December 9, 2004), S12095 [20DE]
  Examined and signed in the House (December 9, 2004), H11060 [20DE]
  Presented to the President (December 10, 2004), H11061 [20DE]