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Engrossed in House (11/04/2003)

[Congressional Bills 108th Congress]
[From the U.S. Government Printing Office]
[H. Res. 394 Engrossed in House (EH)]

                 In the House of Representatives, U.S.,

                                                      November 4, 2003.
Whereas concrete is the world's most consumed man-made material and second only 
        to water of all materials consumed;
Whereas production of concrete exceeded 3,500,000,000 cubic yards worldwide in 
        2002, more than a half cubic yard for every person on the planet;
Whereas production of concrete exceeded 500,000,000 cubic yards domestically in 
        2002, approximately two cubic yards for every person in the United 
Whereas the ready mixed component alone of total concrete production in the 
        United States in 2002 was enough to build a continuous road ten feet 
        wide and four inches thick encircling the globe at the equator nearly 51 
Whereas concrete construction provided 2,000,000 jobs in the United States in 
        2002 during a time of economic recession;
Whereas the concrete industry provides employment to numerous skilled employees, 
        including batchers, truck drivers, ironworkers, laborers, carpenters, 
        finishers, equipment operators, and testing technicians, as well as 
        professional engineers, architects, surveyors, and inspectors;
Whereas concrete was the predominant material of choice in a construction 
        industry that built $843,000,000,000 of construction in 2001, being used 
        in virtually every construction project;
Whereas concrete has an estimated $200,000,000 annual impact on Gross Domestic 
Whereas the concrete industry is a significant contributor to the economy of 
        every Congressional district in the United States;
Whereas the many agencies of the Federal Government rely upon the American 
        Concrete Institute, the technical society for the concrete industry, as 
        a major standards developing organization for concrete design, 
        construction, and repair;
Whereas the American Concrete Institute has, through its 18,000-member network 
        of private and public sector volunteer citizens, developed and operated 
        a review system that has provided concrete standards and guides for 
        durable, safe, and uniform construction in the United States; and
Whereas the American Concrete Institute celebrates its 100th anniversary of 
        service in advancing the technology of concrete for educational and 
        scientific purposes in order to increase the knowledge and understanding 
        of concrete materials and to support programs that improve concrete 
        design and construction for the common good: Now, therefore, be it
    Resolved, That the House of Representatives--
            (1) recognizes the American Concrete Institute--
                    (A) for 100 years of service to the people of the United 
                States as the technical society for the concrete industry; and
                    (B) for the economic stability, quality of life, durability 
                of infrastructure, and international competitiveness that the 
                Institute has made possible to the United States; and
            (2) encourages and supports the designation of an appropriate day as 
        ACI Centennial Day in recognition of 100 years of service by the 
        American Concrete Institute to the people of the United States.