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From the Congressional Record, Volume 152 (2006)

H.R. 5522--A bill making appropriations for foreign operations, export 
    financing, and related programs for the fiscal year ending 
    September 30, 2007, and for other purposes.

By Mr. KOLBE, H3423 [6JN]

  Reported (H. Rept. 109-486) (filed on June 5, 2006), H3423 [6JN]
  Provided for consideration (H. Res. 851), H3496 [7JN]
  Amendments, H3497, H3498 [7JN], H3533, H3535, H3537, H3643 [8JN], 
  H3648, H3652, H3653, H3676, H3677, H3678, H3679, H3683, H3684, 
  H3687, H3688, H3689, H3690, H3691, H3692, H3693, H3695, H3703 [9JN]
  Debated, H3518 [8JN], H3647 [9JN]
  Text, H3532 [8JN]
  Passed House amended, H3704 [9JN]
  Message from the House, S5716 [12JN]
  Referred to the Committee on Appropriations, S5716 [12JN]
  Reported with amendment (S. Rept. 109-277), S7284 [10JY]