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Laid on Table in House (03/25/2009)

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[H. Res. 286 Laid on Table in House (LTH)]

  1st Session
H. RES. 286

           Raising a question of the privileges of the House.



                             March 25, 2009

  Mr. Flake submitted the following resolution; which was laid on the 



           Raising a question of the privileges of the House.

Whereas The Hill reported that a prominent lobbying firm specializing in 
        obtaining defense earmarks for its clients, the subject of a ``federal 
        investigation into potentially corrupt political contributions'', has 
        given $3.4 million in political donations to no less than 284 Members of 
Whereas multiple press reports have noted questions related to campaign 
        contributions made by or on behalf of the firm; including questions 
        related to ``straw man'' contributions, the reimbursement of employees 
        for political giving, pressure on clients to give, a suspicious pattern 
        of giving, and the timing of donations relative to legislative activity;
Whereas Roll Call has taken note of the timing of contributions from employees 
        of the firm and its clients when it reported that they ``have provided 
        thousands of dollars worth of campaign contributions to key Members in 
        close proximity to legislative activity, such as the deadline for 
        earmark request letters or passage of a spending bill.'';
Whereas CQ Today specifically noted a Member getting ``$25,000 in campaign 
        contribution money from [the founder of the firm] and his relatives 
        right after his subcommittee approved its spending bill in 2005.'';
Whereas the Associated Press also noted that Members received campaign 
        contributions from employees of the firm ``around the time they 
        requested'' earmarks for companies represented by the firm;
Whereas clients of the firm received at least $300 million worth of earmarks in 
        fiscal year 2009 appropriations legislation, including several that were 
        approved even after news of the FBI raid of the firm's offices and 
        Justice Department investigation into the firm was well known; and
Whereas the persistent media attention focused on questions about the nature and 
        timing of campaign contributions related to the firm, as well as reports 
        of the Justice Department conducting research on earmarks and campaign 
        contributions, raise concern about the integrity of Congressional 
        proceedings and the dignity of this institution: Now, therefore, be it
    Resolved, That--
            (1) the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct, or a 
        subcommittee of the committee designated by the committee and 
        its members appointed by the chairman and ranking member, shall 
        immediately begin an investigation into the relationship 
        between the source and timing of past contributions to Members 
        of the House related to the raided firm and earmark requests 
        made by Members of the House on behalf of clients of the raided 
        firm; and
            (2) the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct shall 
        submit a report of its findings to the House of Representatives 
        within 2 months after the date of adoption of this resolution.