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From the Congressional Record, Volume 155 (2009)

S. 160--A bill to provide the District of Columbia a voting seat and 
    the State of Utah an additional seat in the House of 
    Representatives; to the Committee on Homeland Security and 
    Governmental Affairs.

By Mr. LIEBERMAN (for himself, Mr. Hatch, Mr. Leahy, Mr. Kennedy, Mrs. 
Clinton, Mr. Dodd, Mr. Sanders, Mr. Kerry, Mr. Durbin, and Mr. 
Feingold), S43 [6JA]

  Text, S142 [6JA], S2538 [26FE]
  Cosponsors added, S170 [7JA], S309 [12JA], S2144 [11FE], S2365 
  [23FE], S2423 [24FE], S2474 [25FE]
  Reported (no written report), S2229 [12FE]
  Consideration of motion to proceed to consideration, S2347 [13FE], 
  S2353 [23FE], S2390 [24FE]
  Motion to proceed to consideration agreed to in the Senate, S2398 
  Debated, S2398 [24FE], S2434 [25FE], S2507 [26FE]
  Amendments, S2398 [24FE], S2442, S2451, S2458, S2490, S2491, S2493, 
  S2494, S2495, S2496, S2498 [25FE], S2512, S2516, S2522, S2574 [26FE]
  Passed Senate amended, S2538 [26FE]
  Held at the desk, H2885 [2MR]