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Public Law No: 111-200 (07/07/2010)

(This measure has not been amended since it was introduced. The expanded summary of the Senate reported version is repeated here.)

Congressional Award Program Reauthorization Act of 2009 - (Sec. 2) Amends the Congressional Award Act to revise requirements for appointment and reappointment of members of the Congressional Award Board, especially the limitation of service on the Board to two consecutive terms.

Exempts a member from the two-term limit during a period of service as Board Chairman. Permits reappointment of such individual to an additional full term after termination of such Chairmanship.

Requires a Board member's term to begin on October 1 of the even numbered year, with one-half of the Board positions having terms which begin in each even numbered year.

Changes from calendar to fiscal year the annual period for which the Director is required to ensure that the Board's liabilities do not exceed its assets.

Requires the Board, if the Comptroller General finds that the Director has not substantially complied with such duty, to: (1) instruct the Director to take such necessary actions to correct any deficiencies (as under current law); and (2) remove and replace the Director if they are not promptly corrected. Repeals the requirement that, upon a Director's failure to correct such deficiencies, the Board take necessary action to prepare for the orderly cessation of Board activities.

Allows the Board to accept funds to carry out its functions and make expenditures that are awarded in any grant program administered by a federal agency. (Currently the Board is prohibited from using federal resources.)

Repeals the limitation on contributions to Statewide Congressional Award Councils to public monetary and in-kind contributions for Program purposes (thus allowing private contributions as well).

Allows the donation of funds or other resources to restrict their use to scholarships.

Names the nonprofit corporation the Board is required to establish to assist it in carrying out the Program the Congressional Award Foundation. Repeals the requirement that the corporation be private. Treats the Foundation together with any subsidiary nonprofit corporations as the collective Corporation to which appropriate duties shall be delegated, including the employment of personnel, expenditure of funds, and the incurrence of financial or other contractual obligations.

Allows the Congressional Award Board (which as under current law shall be members of the Board of Directors of the Foundation) to appoint up to 24 additional voting members to the Foundation Board. Makes the Congressional Award Program Director serve as a nonvoting member of the Foundation Board.

Extends the Congressional Award Board until October 1, 2013.