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From the Congressional Record, Volume 156 (2010)

S. 3628--A bill to amend the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to 
    prohibit foreign influence in Federal elections, to prohibit 
    government contractors from making expenditures with respect to 
    such elections, and to establish additional disclosure 
    requirements with respect to spending in such elections, and for 
    other purposes.

By Mr. SCHUMER, S6078 [21JY]

  Read the first time, S6076, S6121 [21JY]
  Read the second time, S6131 [22JY]
  Consideration of motion to proceed to consideration, S6191 [22JY], 
  S6230 [26JY], S6278 [27JY], S7383 [23SE]
  Placed on the calendar, S6198 [22JY]
  Cosponsors added, S6246 [26JY], S6303 [27JY], S6521 [29JY]