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Reported to House with amendment(s) (11/10/2011)

Southeast Alaska Native Land Entitlement Finalization and Jobs Protection Act - (Sec. 4) Authorizes Sealaska, the regional Alaska Native Corporation for southeast Alaska, subject to certain conditions and restrictions, to select and receive conveyance of its remaining land entitlement under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) from federal land in southeast Alaska that is outside the areas for selection (withdrawal areas) delineated by the ANCSA.

Includes among these lands certain mapped sites that: (1) lie within Tongass National Forest; (2) have traditional, recreational, and renewable energy use value (although no more than 5,000 acres of these may be chosen); or (3) constitute traditional and customary trade and migration routes.

Includes, as well, up to 3,600 acres that Sealaska identifies as having sacred, cultural, traditional, or historic significance. Prohibits selection of these sites, however, if they lie within the National Park System. Requires Sealaska to identify all but 360 acres of these sites within 15 years of this Act's enactment.

Grants Sealaska nonexclusive easements to certain forest development roads and logging facilities.

(Sec. 5) Requires the Secretary of the Interior to substantially complete the conveyance of land selected by Sealaska from within the mapped sites of Tongass National Forest within two years of their selection.

Prohibits Sealaska from selecting land from the mapped sites, other than trade and migration route land, that lies within a conservation system unit. (A conservation system unit includes any unit of the National Park System, National Wildlife Refuge System, National Wild and Scenic Rivers Systems, National Trails System, National Wilderness Preservation System, or a National Forest Monument.)

Gives Sealaska the right to regulate public access across the sacred, cultural, traditional, or historic sites conveyed to it pursuant to this Act.

Prohibits any commercial timber harvest or mineral development on lands conveyed to Sealaska pursuant to this Act that are characterized as: (1) sacred, cultural, traditional, or historic sites; (2) traditional and customary trade and migration routes; or (3) sites having traditional, recreational, and renewable energy use value.

Allows existing guiding or outfitting special use permit holders to continue to exercise their rights and privileges, for the remaining permit term and a subsequent ten-year renewal period, on lands conveyed to Sealaska from the mapped sites that lie within Tongass National Forest or have traditional, recreational, and renewable energy use value.

(Sec. 6) Amends the Tribal Forest Protection Act of 2004 to allow Alaska Native Corporations to enter into agreements with the federal government under that Act regarding their lands that are forested or formerly had vegetative cover and are capable of restoration.

Amends the National Historic Preservation Act to allow an Alaska Native tribe, band, nation or other organized group or community to participate in historic site preservation programs administered on behalf of Indian tribes, including by securing support to manage their own historic preservation sites and programs.