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Reported to Senate without amendment (06/22/2011)

(This measure has not been amended since it was introduced. The summary has been expanded because action occurred on the measure.)

Department of Energy National Security Act of 2012 - Division C: Department of Energy National Security Authorizations and Other Authorizations - Title XXXI [sic]: Department of Energy National Security Programs - Subtitle A: National Security Programs Authorizations - (Sec. 3101) Authorizes appropriations for the Department of Energy (DOE) for FY2012 for: (1) activities of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) in carrying out programs necessary for national security, and (2) environmental restoration and waste management activities and plant projects in carrying out national security programs, with specified allocations for defense environmental cleanup and other defense activities.

Subtitle B: Program Authorizations, Restrictions, and Limitations - (Sec. 3111) Amends the Atomic Energy Defense Act to terminate the requirement of an annual independent "red team" review of the security and vulnerabilities of computers at DOE national laboratories, as well as a National Counterintelligence Policy Board annual report on review results. Requires instead the Secretary of Energy to conduct such annual review and report review results to the congressional defense and appropriations committees only when a significant vulnerability is discovered.

(Sec. 3112) Amends the National Nuclear Security Administration Act to direct the Secretary to: (1) review an assessment by the Comptroller General ( CG) of budget requests with respect to the modernization and refurbishment of the DOE nuclear security complex, and (2) report review results to the defense and appropriations committees.

(Sec. 3113) Allows the Secretary to procure no more than one aircraft using DOE weapons activities funds for any fiscal year before FY2013.

(Sec. 3114) Limits to $500,000 the amount of DOE nuclear nonproliferation funds that may be used to establish a center of excellence in a country not a state of the former Soviet Union until 15 days after the NNSA Administrator identifies the country involved and describes the center's purpose.

(Sec. 3115) Amends the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Years 1992 and 1993 to recognize the museum operated by the Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation in Las Vegas, Nevada, as the official atomic testing museum of the United States.

Subtitle C: Reports - (Sec. 3121) Directs the Secretary and the NNSA Administrator to jointly submit to the defense and appropriations committees: (1) a report on the feasibility of federalizing some or all of the security protective forces contract guard workforce at specified DOE national laboratories and facilities, and (2) the CG's comments on such report.

(Sec. 3122) Requires the CG to: (1) study the value of and need for external regulation or oversight of the safety of nuclear operations and the design and construction of DOE nuclear facilities to protect the public health and safety, and (2) submit to the defense and appropriations committees an interim and final report on study results. Requires comments on such reports by the Secretary, the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

(Sec. 3123) Directs the NNSA Administrator to submit to Congress a plan to complete the Global Initiatives for Proliferation Prevention program in the Russian Federation by the end of 2013.

Title XXXII: Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board - (Sec. 3201) Authorizes appropriations for FY2012 for the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (Board).

(Sec. 3202) Directs the Board to exercise its authority to review the design of, and review and monitor construction with respect to, NNSA Project 10-D-904.

Title XXXIII: Maritime Administration - (Sec. 3301) Revises generally provisions concerning the establishment and authorization of appropriations for the Maritime Administration.