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Public Law No: 113-138 (07/25/2014)

[113th Congress Public Law 138]
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[[Page 128 STAT. 1743]]

Public Law 113-138
113th Congress

                                 An Act

To designate the Department of Veterans Affairs Vet Center in Prescott, 
 Arizona, as the ``Dr. Cameron McKinley Department of Veterans Affairs 
       Veterans Center''. <<NOTE: July 25, 2014 -  [H.R. 1216]>> 

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress assembled,

    Congress finds the following:
            (1) Dr. Cameron K. McKinley was born on December 9, 1930, in 
        Shreveport, Louisiana.
            (2) Dr. McKinley served in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve in 
        Shreveport, Louisiana, from 1947 to 1949.
            (3) Dr. McKinley served valiantly at Wiesbaden Air Force 
        Hospital during and after the Vietnam War, providing therapy to 
        military personnel and their families.
            (4) Dr. McKinley served with great distinction as the Chief 
        of Psychology at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Prescott, 
        Arizona, from 1981-1995.
            (5) At the Prescott Veterans Affairs Hospital, Dr. McKinley 
        organized a ``Rap Group'' for Vietnam Era veterans dealing with 
        various degrees of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). That 
        group of veterans formed the Vietnam Veterans of America, 
        Chapter 95.
            (6) Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 95, in concert with 
        Dr. McKinley, local leaders, businesses and nonprofit groups 
        petitioned the Federal Government for a free-standing Veterans 
        Affairs Medical Center (VAMC).
            (7) Congress authorized 91 new rural VAMCs, among them the 
        Prescott Vet Center. In June of 1985, the Prescott Vet Center 
            (8) Dr. McKinley spent decades confronting the pressing 
        issue of PTSD by providing cutting-edge psychological and 
        neuropsychological assessments to the returning veterans of 
        three wars. He produced targeted action plans for veterans 
        suffering from PTSD, giving them tools to deal with their 
        afflictions and transition successfully back into civilian life.
            (9) Dr. McKinley's cutting-edge work has earned him 
        recognition from Prescott VAMC, Vietnam Veterans of America, the 
        Veterans' Readjustment Counseling Center, and the Department of 
        the Army for his outstanding work to improve the lives of 
        veterans of multiple generations.
            (10) It is only well and fitting that as a tribute to this 
        remarkable person's life that Congress seek to name the facility 
        after the leader who was its inspiration and a lifesaver for so 

[[Page 128 STAT. 1744]]

                    VETERANS CENTER.

    (a) Designation.--The Department of Veterans Affairs Vet Center 
located at 3180 Stillwater Dr. #A, Prescott, Arizona, shall after the 
date of the enactment of this Act be known and designated as the ``Dr. 
Cameron McKinley Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Center''.
    (b) References.--Any reference in a law, map, regulation, document, 
paper, or other record of the United States to the Department of 
Veterans Affairs Vet Center referred to in subsection (a) shall be 
deemed to be a reference to the ``Dr. Cameron McKinley Department of 
Veterans Affairs Veterans Center''.

    Approved July 25, 2014.


            June 17, considered and passed House.
            July 9, considered and passed Senate.