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Reported to House with amendment(s) (04/01/2014)

Coltsville National Historical Park Act - (Sec. 3) Establishes the Coltsville National Historical Park as a unit of the National Park System in Connecticut.

Delays establishment of the Park until specified conditions have been met, including that: (1) Connecticut, the city of Hartford, or private property owner, as appropriate, has entered into a written agreement with the Secretary of the Interior to donate at least 10,000 square feet of space in the East Armory; and (2) the Secretary has entered into a written agreement with the state, city, or other public entity, as appropriate, which provides that land owned by such an entity within the Coltsville Historic District shall be managed consistent with this Act.

Authorizes the Park to provide interpretation and viewing of specified sites, including the East Armory and Colt Park.

Prohibits the inclusion of any non-federal property in the Park without the owner's written consent.

(Sec. 4) Declares that nothing in this Act enlarges, diminishes, or modifies any authority of the state (including the city) to: (1) exercise civil and criminal jurisdiction; or (2) carry out state laws (including regulations) and rules on non-federal land located within the boundary of the Park.

Authorizes the Secretary, to carry out this Act, to enter into cooperative agreements subject to specified terms, including right of access to conduct visitors through and interpret the properties for the public.

Bars any changes or alterations to any properties covered by such an agreement unless the Secretary and the other party to the agreement agree to them.

Subjects any payment made by the Secretary to an agreement that conversion, use, or disposal of a project for purposes contrary to the purposes of this Act shall entitle the United States to reimbursement.

Requires any federal funds under such an agreement to be matched on a one-to-one basis by non-federal funds.

Authorizes the Secretary of the Interior to enter into a written agreement with the Connecticut State Library, Wadsworth Atheneum, and the Colt Trust, or other appropriate public entities to gain access to Colt-related artifacts for routine display in the East Armory or within other areas of the Park.

Authorizes the Secretary to acquire lands and interests in land by donation, purchase with donated funds, or exchange, except that lands or interests in land owned by the state or any political subdivision of the state may be acquired by donation only.

Prohibits the Secretary from acquiring by condemnation any land or interest in land under this Act or for the purposes of this Act.

Declares that nothing in this Act, the establishment of the Park, or the management plan for the Park shall be construed to create buffer zones outside of the Park.

(Sec. 5) Requires the Secretary to complete and submit to Congress a management plan for the Park.

Requires the management plan to identify the costs to be shared by the federal government, the state, the city, and other public or private entities or individuals for necessary capital improvements to, and maintenance and operations of, the Park.