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Titles (2)

Short Titles

Short Titles - House of Representatives

Short Titles as Introduced

Protecting Seniors' Access to Medicare Act of 2013

Official Titles

Official Titles - House of Representatives

Official Title as Introduced

To repeal the provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act providing for the Independent Payment Advisory Board.

Actions Overview (1)

01/23/2013 Introduced in House

All Actions (7)

01/28/2013 Referred to the Subcommittee on Health.
Action By: Committee on Ways and Means
01/25/2013 Referred to the Subcommittee on Health.
Action By: Committee on Energy and Commerce
01/23/2013 Referred to House Rules
Action By: House of Representatives
01/23/2013 Referred to House Energy and Commerce
Action By: House of Representatives
01/23/2013 Referred to House Ways and Means
Action By: House of Representatives
01/23/2013 Referred to the Committee on Ways and Means, and in addition to the Committees on Energy and Commerce, and Rules, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned.
Action By: House of Representatives
01/23/2013 Introduced in House
Action By: House of Representatives

Cosponsors (227)

* = Original cosponsor
CosponsorDate Cosponsored
Rep. Schwartz, Allyson Y. [D-PA-13]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Benishek, Dan [R-MI-1]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Bilirakis, Gus M. [R-FL-12]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Bishop, Timothy H. [D-NY-1]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Bishop, Rob [R-UT-1]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Black, Diane [R-TN-6]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Blackburn, Marsha [R-TN-7]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Boustany, Charles W., Jr. [R-LA-3]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Buchanan, Vern [R-FL-16]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Bucshon, Larry [R-IN-8]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Burgess, Michael C. [R-TX-26]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Capito, Shelley Moore [R-WV-2]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Cassidy, Bill [R-LA-6]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Chabot, Steve [R-OH-1]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Christensen, Donna M. [D-VI-At Large]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Courtney, Joe [D-CT-2]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Cramer, Kevin [R-ND-At Large]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Culberson, John Abney [R-TX-7]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Daines, Steve [R-MT-At Large]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Denham, Jeff [R-CA-10]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Dent, Charles W. [R-PA-15]* 01/23/2013
Rep. DesJarlais, Scott [R-TN-4]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Duncan, John J., Jr. [R-TN-2]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Fincher, Stephen Lee [R-TN-8]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Fitzpatrick, Michael G. [R-PA-8]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Fleming, John [R-LA-4]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Franks, Trent [R-AZ-8]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Gerlach, Jim [R-PA-6]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Gibbs, Bob [R-OH-7]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Gingrey, Phil [R-GA-11]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Gosar, Paul A. [R-AZ-4]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Gowdy, Trey [R-SC-4]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Griffin, Tim [R-AR-2]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Griffith, H. Morgan [R-VA-9]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Guthrie, Brett [R-KY-2]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Hanna, Richard L. [R-NY-22]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Harper, Gregg [R-MS-3]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Harris, Andy [R-MD-1]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Hartzler, Vicky [R-MO-4]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Heck, Joseph J. [R-NV-3]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Huelskamp, Tim [R-KS-1]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Johnson, Bill [R-OH-6]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Jones, Walter B., Jr. [R-NC-3]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Lamborn, Doug [R-CO-5]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Lance, Leonard [R-NJ-7]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Latham, Tom [R-IA-3]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Sanchez, Linda T. [D-CA-38]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Long, Billy [R-MO-7]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Luetkemeyer, Blaine [R-MO-3]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Matheson, Jim [D-UT-4]* 01/23/2013
Rep. McKinley, David B. [R-WV-1]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Meehan, Patrick [R-PA-7]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Miller, Jeff [R-FL-1]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Mulvaney, Mick [R-SC-5]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Murphy, Tim [R-PA-18]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Nugent, Richard B. [R-FL-11]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Olson, Pete [R-TX-22]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Palazzo, Steven M. [R-MS-4]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Pearce, Stevan [R-NM-2]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Petri, Thomas E. [R-WI-6]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Poe, Ted [R-TX-2]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Pompeo, Mike [R-KS-4]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Posey, Bill [R-FL-8]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Price, Tom [R-GA-6]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Reed, Tom [R-NY-23]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Roby, Martha [R-AL-2]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Rogers, Mike J. [R-MI-8]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Rokita, Todd [R-IN-4]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Roskam, Peter J. [R-IL-6]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Schock, Aaron [R-IL-18]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Shimkus, John [R-IL-15]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Simpson, Michael K. [R-ID-2]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Smith, Lamar [R-TX-21]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Thompson, Glenn [R-PA-5]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Thornberry, Mac [R-TX-13]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Tiberi, Patrick J. [R-OH-12]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Walberg, Tim [R-MI-7]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Walden, Greg [R-OR-2]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Webster, Daniel [R-FL-10]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Wenstrup, Brad R. [R-OH-2]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Westmoreland, Lynn A. [R-GA-3]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Wilson, Joe [R-SC-2]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Womack, Steve [R-AR-3]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Young, C. W. Bill [R-FL-13]* 01/23/2013
Rep. Capuano, Michael E. [D-MA-7] 01/25/2013
Rep. Flores, Bill [R-TX-17] 01/25/2013
Rep. Hurt, Robert [R-VA-5] 01/25/2013
Rep. Brooks, Susan W. [R-IN-5] 01/25/2013
Rep. Stivers, Steve [R-OH-15] 01/25/2013
Rep. Hensarling, Jeb [R-TX-5] 01/25/2013
Rep. Turner, Michael R. [R-OH-10] 01/25/2013
Rep. Nunnelee, Alan [R-MS-1] 01/25/2013
Rep. McClintock, Tom [R-CA-4] 01/25/2013
Rep. Forbes, J. Randy [R-VA-4] 01/25/2013
Rep. Scalise, Steve [R-LA-1] 01/25/2013
Rep. Latta, Robert E. [R-OH-5] 01/25/2013
Rep. McCaul, Michael T. [R-TX-10] 01/25/2013
Rep. Fleischmann, Charles J. "Chuck" [R-TN-3] 01/25/2013
Rep. Chaffetz, Jason [R-UT-3] 01/25/2013
Rep. Wittman, Robert J. [R-VA-1] 01/25/2013
Rep. Cotton, Tom [R-AR-4] 02/04/2013
Rep. Hall, Ralph M. [R-TX-4] 02/04/2013
Rep. Barr, Andy [R-KY-6] 02/04/2013
Rep. Stockman, Steve [R-TX-36] 02/04/2013
Rep. Kingston, Jack [R-GA-1] 02/06/2013
Rep. Ross, Dennis A. [R-FL-15] 02/06/2013
Rep. Valadao, David G. [R-CA-21] 02/06/2013
Rep. Paulsen, Erik [R-MN-3] 02/06/2013
Rep. Pittenger, Robert [R-NC-9] 02/06/2013
Rep. Terry, Lee [R-NE-2] 02/06/2013
Rep. Pascrell, Bill, Jr. [D-NJ-9] 02/06/2013
Rep. Ellmers, Renee L. [R-NC-2] 02/06/2013
Rep. Perry, Scott [R-PA-4] 02/06/2013
Rep. Stewart, Chris [R-UT-2] 02/06/2013
Rep. Stutzman, Marlin A. [R-IN-3] 02/06/2013
Rep. Scott, Austin [R-GA-8] 02/06/2013
Rep. Gohmert, Louie [R-TX-1] 02/06/2013
Rep. Amash, Justin [R-MI-3] 02/08/2013
Rep. Broun, Paul C. [R-GA-10] 02/08/2013
Rep. McIntyre, Mike [D-NC-7] 02/08/2013
Rep. Goodlatte, Bob [R-VA-6] 02/12/2013
Rep. Sessions, Pete [R-TX-32] 02/12/2013
Rep. Young, Todd C. [R-IN-9] 02/12/2013
Rep. Renacci, James B. [R-OH-16] 02/25/2013
Rep. McCarthy, Carolyn [D-NY-4] 02/25/2013
Rep. Gardner, Cory [R-CO-4] 02/25/2013
Rep. Holding, George [R-NC-13] 02/25/2013
Rep. Barletta, Lou [R-PA-11] 02/25/2013
Rep. Wagner, Ann [R-MO-2] 02/25/2013
Rep. Meadows, Mark [R-NC-11] 02/25/2013
Rep. McMorris Rodgers, Cathy [R-WA-5] 02/27/2013
Rep. Noem, Kristi L. [R-SD-At Large] 02/27/2013
Rep. Grimm, Michael G. [R-NY-11] 03/04/2013
Rep. Carter, John R. [R-TX-31] 03/04/2013
Rep. Yoder, Kevin [R-KS-3] 03/05/2013
Rep. Messer, Luke [R-IN-6] 03/05/2013
Rep. Hastings, Doc [R-WA-4] 03/05/2013
Rep. Ruiz, Raul [D-CA-36] 03/06/2013
Rep. Neugebauer, Randy [R-TX-19] 03/06/2013
Rep. Maloney, Sean Patrick [D-NY-18] 03/12/2013
Rep. Barrow, John [D-GA-12] 03/13/2013
Rep. Collins, Chris [R-NY-27] 03/13/2013
Rep. Granger, Kay [R-TX-12] 03/18/2013
Rep. LoBiondo, Frank A. [R-NJ-2] 03/20/2013
Rep. Bachus, Spencer [R-AL-6] 03/20/2013
Rep. Hudson, Richard [R-NC-8] 03/25/2013
Rep. Negrete McLeod, Gloria [D-CA-35] 04/09/2013
Rep. Hunter, Duncan D. [R-CA-50] 04/09/2013
Rep. Reichert, David G. [R-WA-8] 04/09/2013
Rep. Ryan, Paul [R-WI-1] 04/09/2013
Rep. Kline, John [R-MN-2] 04/09/2013
Rep. Davis, Rodney [R-IL-13] 04/09/2013
Rep. Maffei, Daniel B. [D-NY-24] 04/09/2013
Rep. Scott, David [D-GA-13] 04/12/2013
Rep. Whitfield, Ed [R-KY-1] 04/15/2013
Rep. Rice, Tom [R-SC-7] 04/15/2013
Rep. Jenkins, Lynn [R-KS-2] 04/16/2013
Rep. Huizenga, Bill [R-MI-2] 04/23/2013
Rep. Rothfus, Keith J. [R-PA-12] 04/23/2013
Rep. King, Peter T. [R-NY-2] 04/23/2013
Rep. Sanchez, Loretta [D-CA-46] 04/25/2013
Rep. DeSantis, Ron [R-FL-6] 04/25/2013
Rep. Collins, Doug [R-GA-9] 05/06/2013
Rep. Bonner, Jo [R-AL-1] 05/06/2013
Rep. Fortenberry, Jeff [R-NE-1] 05/06/2013
Rep. Joyce, David P. [R-OH-14] 05/06/2013
Rep. Crawford, Eric A. "Rick" [R-AR-1] 05/06/2013
Rep. LaMalfa, Doug [R-CA-1] 05/06/2013
Rep. Yoho, Ted S. [R-FL-3] 05/06/2013
Rep. Royce, Edward R. [R-CA-39] 05/06/2013
Rep. Cole, Tom [R-OK-4] 05/08/2013
Rep. Sensenbrenner, F. James, Jr. [R-WI-5] 05/08/2013
Rep. McHenry, Patrick T. [R-NC-10] 05/08/2013
Rep. Graves, Tom [R-GA-14] 05/14/2013
Rep. Kinzinger, Adam [R-IL-16] 05/14/2013
Rep. Duffy, Sean P. [R-WI-7] 05/14/2013
Rep. Walorski, Jackie [R-IN-2] 05/14/2013
Rep. Rigell, E. Scott [R-VA-2] 05/14/2013
Rep. Barber, Ron [D-AZ-2] 05/14/2013
Rep. Coffman, Mike [R-CO-6] 05/21/2013
Rep. Duncan, Jeff [R-SC-3] 05/23/2013
Rep. Crenshaw, Ander [R-FL-4] 05/23/2013
Rep. Frelinghuysen, Rodney P. [R-NJ-11] 05/23/2013
Rep. Lynch, Stephen F. [D-MA-8] 05/24/2013
Rep. Bentivolio, Kerry L. [R-MI-11] 06/13/2013
Rep. Sinema, Kyrsten [D-AZ-9] 06/17/2013
Rep. Radel, Trey [R-FL-19] 06/28/2013
Rep. Smith, Adrian [R-NE-3] 07/11/2013
Rep. Kirkpatrick, Ann [D-AZ-1] 07/18/2013
Rep. Smith, Christopher H. [R-NJ-4] 07/18/2013
Rep. Esty, Elizabeth H. [D-CT-5] 07/31/2013
Rep. Weber, Randy K., Sr. [R-TX-14] 08/02/2013
Rep. Labrador, Raul R. [R-ID-1] 09/19/2013
Rep. Bera, Ami [D-CA-7] 09/25/2013
Rep. Lankford, James [R-OK-5] 10/28/2013
Rep. Amodei, Mark E. [R-NV-2] 10/29/2013
Rep. Marino, Tom [R-PA-10] 10/29/2013
Rep. Kelly, Mike [R-PA-3] 10/29/2013
Rep. Farenthold, Blake [R-TX-27] 10/29/2013
Rep. Runyan, Jon [R-NJ-3] 10/29/2013
Rep. Johnson, Sam [R-TX-3] 10/29/2013
Rep. Graves, Sam [R-MO-6] 10/29/2013
Rep. Schweikert, David [R-AZ-6] 10/29/2013
Rep. Coble, Howard [R-NC-6] 10/29/2013
Rep. Herrera Beutler, Jaime [R-WA-3] 10/30/2013
Rep. Marchant, Kenny [R-TX-24] 10/30/2013
Rep. Young, Don [R-AK-At Large] 10/30/2013
Rep. Calvert, Ken [R-CA-42] 10/30/2013
Rep. Shuster, Bill [R-PA-9] 11/12/2013
Rep. Williams, Roger [R-TX-25] 11/12/2013
Rep. Diaz-Balart, Mario [R-FL-25] 11/13/2013
Rep. Tipton, Scott R. [R-CO-3] 11/14/2013
Rep. Salmon, Matt [R-AZ-5] 11/18/2013
Rep. Lummis, Cynthia M. [R-WY-At Large] 11/18/2013
Rep. McKeon, Howard P. "Buck" [R-CA-25] 11/19/2013
Rep. Lucas, Frank D. [R-OK-3] 11/21/2013
Rep. Rahall, Nick J., II [D-WV-3] 12/03/2013
Rep. Bachmann, Michele [R-MN-6] 12/12/2013
Rep. Massie, Thomas [R-KY-4] 01/13/2014
Rep. Conaway, K. Michael [R-TX-11] 01/28/2014
Rep. McAllister, Vance M. [R-LA-5] 02/06/2014
Rep. Jolly, David [R-FL-13] 04/28/2014
Rep. Peters, Scott H. [D-CA-52] 05/29/2014
Rep. Smith, Jason [R-MO-8] 07/14/2014
Rep. Brooks, Mo [R-AL-5] 07/14/2014
Rep. Ribble, Reid J. [R-WI-8] 07/14/2014
Rep. Brownley, Julia [D-CA-26] 07/29/2014

Committees (3)

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Committee / Subcommittee Date Activity Reports
House Ways and Means01/23/2013 Referred to
House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Health01/28/2013 Referred to
House Energy and Commerce01/23/2013 Referred to
House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health01/25/2013 Referred to
House Rules01/23/2013 Referred to

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Subjects (4)

  • Advisory bodies
  • Health care costs and insurance
  • Medicare

Latest Summary (1)

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Shown Here:
Introduced in House (01/23/2013)

Protecting Seniors' Access to Medicare Act of 2013 - Repeals sections of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care (PPACA) (and restores provisions of law amended by such sections) related to the establishment of an Independent Payment Advisory Board to develop and submit detailed proposals to reduce the per capita rate of growth in Medicare spending to the President for Congress to consider.