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From the Congressional Record, Volume 159 (2013)

S. 330 — A bill to amend the Public Health Service Act to establish safeguards and standards of quality for research and transplantation of organs infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV); to the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions.

By Mrs. BOXER (for herself, Mr. Coburn, Ms. Baldwin, and Mr. Paul), S772 [14FE]
Cosponsors added, S1270 [7MR], S1786 [13MR], S1950 [19MR], S2027 [20MR], S2455 [8AP], S3327 [9MY], S3761 [22MY], S4481 [13JN], S7952 [12NO]
Reported with amendment, S3657 [21MY]
Amendments, S4533, S4534 [17JN]
Passed Senate amended, S4533 [17JN]
Text, S4534 [17JN]
Message from the Senate, H3700 [18JN]
Referred to the Committees on Energy and Commerce; the Judiciary, H3757 [18JN]
Debated, H6967 [12NO]
Text, H6967 [12NO]
Rules suspended. Passed House, H6971 [12NO]
Message from the House, S7999 [13NO], S8047 [14NO]
Examined and signed in the Senate, S8047 [14NO]
Examined and signed in the House, H7108 [14NO]
Presented to the President (November 14, 2013), S8048 [14NO]
Approved [Public Law 113–51] (signed November 21, 2013)