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From the Congressional Record, Volume 161 (2015)

H.J. Res. 76--A joint resolution appointing the day for convening of 
    the second session of the One Hundred Fourteenth Congress.

By Mr. McCARTHY, H9328 [15DE]

  Passed House, H9322 [15DE]
  Text, H9322 [15DE]
  Message from the House, S8724 [16DE], S8881 [18DE]
  Passed Senate, S8830 [17DE]
  Text, S8830 [17DE]
  Message from the Senate, H10697 [18DE]
  Examined and signed in the House, H10708 [18DE]
  Examined and signed in the Senate, S8881 [18DE]
  Presented to the President (December 18, 2015)
  Approved [Public Law 114-108] (signed December 18, 2015)