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From the Congressional Record, Volume 161 (2015)

S. 1356 — A bill to clarify that certain provisions of the Border Patrol Agent Pay Reform Act of 2014 will not take effect until after the Director of the Office of Personnel Management promulgates and makes effective regulations relating to such provisions.

By Mr. JOHNSON (for himself, Mr. McCain, Mr. Tester, and Mr. Cardin), S2933 [14MY]
Passed Senate, S2946 [14MY]
Text, S2946 [14MY]
Message from the Senate, H3181 [14MY], H8159 [16NO]
Held at the desk, H3181 [14MY]
Debated, H7747 [5NO]
Text, H7747 [5NO]
Explanatory statement, H7955 [5NO]
Rules suspended. Passed House amended, H8129 [5NO]
Message from the House, S7860 [9NO], S8015 [17NO]
Debated, S7875 [10NO]
Senate agreed to House amendment, S7878 [10NO]
Amendments, H8196 [16NO]
Examined and signed in the Senate, S8015 [17NO]
Examined and signed in the House, H8278 [17NO]
Presented to the President (November 17, 2015), S8015 [17NO]
Approved [Public Law 114–92] (signed November 25, 2015)