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From the Congressional Record, Volume 162 (2016)

S. 2943--An original bill to authorize appropriations for fiscal year 
    2017 for military activities of the Department of Defense, for 
    military construction, and for defense activities of the 
    Department of Energy, to prescribe military personnel strengths 
    for such fiscal year, and for other purposes; from the Committee 
    on Armed Services.

By Mr. McCAIN, S2973 [18MY]

  Amendments, S2991 [18MY], S3035 [19MY], S3056, S3057, S3058, S3059, 
  S3060 [23MY], S3105, S3106, S3107, S3108, S3109, S3110, S3111, 
  S3112, S3113, S3114, S3115, S3116, S3117, S3118, S3119, S3120 
  [24MY], S3178, S3190, S3191, S3192, S3193, S3194, S3197, S3198, 
  S3199, S3200, S3201, S3202, S3203, S3204, S3205, S3206, S3207, 
  S3209, S3210, S3211, S3212, S3213, S3216, S3217, S3218, S3219, 
  S3220, S3221, S3222, S3225, S3226 [25MY], S3300, S3301, S3302, 
  S3303, S3304, S3305, S3310, S3311, S3312, S3313, S3314, S3315, 
  S3316, S3317, S3318, S3319, S3320, S3321, S3322, S3323, S3325, 
  S3326, S3327, S3328, S3329, S3330, S3331, S3332, S3334, S3335, 
  S3336, S3339, S3340, S3343, S3345, S3346, S3347, S3348, S3349, 
  S3353, S3354, S3355, S3357, S3359, S3373, S3374 [26MY], S3397, 
  S3416, S3417, S3418, S3428, S3438, S3439, S3440, S3441, S3442, 
  S3443, S3444, S3447, S3448, S3449, S3450, S3452, S3453, S3454, 
  S3455, S3456, S3457, S3458, S3459, S3460, S3461, S3465, S3466, 
  S3467, S3468, S3469 [6JN], S3488, S3489, S3490, S3491, S3503, S3525, 
  S3547, S3548, S3549, S3550, S3551, S3552, S3553, S3554, S3556, 
  S3557, S3558, S3559, S3560, S3561, S3562, S3563, S3564, S3565, 
  S3567, S3568, S3580, S3581, S3583, S3584, S3585, S3586, S3587, 
  S3588, S3589, S3593, S3594, S3595, S3596 [7JN], S3650, S3651, S3652, 
  S3653, S3654, S3655, S3656, S3657, S3658, S3659, S3660, S3661, 
  S3662, S3664 [8JN], S3680, S3684, S3725, S3726, S3727, S3729, S3730, 
  S3731, S3732, S3733, S3736, S3737, S3738, S3740, S3741, S3742, 
  S3743, S3744, S3745, S3746, S3757, S3768, S3769, S3770, S3781, S3782 
  [9JN], S3798, S3804, S3805, S3806, S3811 [10JN], S3829 [13JN], 
  S3835, S3839, S3864 [14JN]
  Motion to proceed considered, S3047 [23MY], S3135, S3163 [25MY], 
  S3234 [26MY]
  Senate invoked cloture on motion to proceed, S3135 [25MY]
  Reported (S. Rept. 114-255), S2973 [18MY]
  Motion to proceed agreed to, S3397 [6JN]
  Debated, S3397 [6JN], S3474, S3525 [7JN], S3601 [8JN], S3668 [9JN], 
  S3787 [10JN], S3815 [13JN], S3835 [14JN], S5099 [14JY]
  Senate invoked cloture, S3789 [10JN]
  Passed Senate amended, S3841 [14JN]
  Text, S4011 [15JN]
  Message from the Senate, H3919 [16JN], H4984 [14JY], H7561 [8DE]
  Held at the desk, H3919 [16JN]
  Passed House amended (text of H.R. 4509 inserted in lieu pursuant to 
  H. Res. 809), H4522 [7JY]
  House insisted on its amendment and asked for a conference, H4554 
  House agreed to motion to close conference report meetings to the 
  public when classified national security information may be 
  broached, H4562 [8JY]
  Conferees appointed, H4566 [8JY]
  Message from the House (July 8, 2016, during adjournment), S4943 
  Senate consideration of House amendment and request for a 
  conference, S5099 [14JY]
  Senate disagreed to House amendment and agreed to a conference. 
  Conferees appointed, S5112 [14JY]
  Motion to instruct conferees agreed to in the Senate, S5112 [14JY]
  Conference report (H. Rept. 114-840) submitted in the House, H6376 
  Explanatory statement, H6679 [30NO]
  Providing for consideration of the conference report (H. Res. 937), 
  H7058 [30NO]
  House consideration of conference report, H7123 [2DE]
  House agreed to the conference report, H7134 [2DE]
  Senate consideration of conference report, S6684 [5DE]
  Message from the House, S6707 [5DE]
  Senate invoked cloture on consideration of conference report, S6795 
  Conference report considered in the Senate, S6795 [7DE], S6862 [8DE]
  Conference report agreed to in the Senate, S6873 [8DE]
  Examined and signed in the House, H7587 [13DE]