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From the Congressional Record, Volume 165 (2019)

H.R. 4 — A bill to amend the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to revise the criteria for determining which States and political subdivisions are subject to section 4 of the Act, and for other purposes; to the Committee on the Judiciary.
By Ms. SEWELL of Alabama (for herself, Mr. Lewis, Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Hoyer, Mr. Clyburn, Mr. Lujan, Ms. Judy Chu of California, Mr. Castro of Texas, Mr. Jeffries, Ms. Adams, Mr. Aguilar, Mr. Allred, Ms. Bass, Mrs. Beatty, Mr. Bera, Mr. Beyer, Mr. Bishop of Georgia, Mr. Blumenauer, Ms. Blunt Rochester, Ms. Bonamici, Mr. Brendan F. Boyle of Pennsylvania, Mr. Brown of Maryland, Ms. Brownley of California, Mrs. Bustos, Mr. Butterfield, Mr. Cardenas, Mr. Carson of Indiana, Mr. Cartwright, Mr. Cicilline, Mr. Cisneros, Ms. Clark of Massachusetts, Ms. Clarke of New York, Mr. Clay, Mr. Cleaver, Mr. Connolly, Mr. Cooper, Mr. Costa, Mr. Cox of California, Mrs. Craig, Mr. Crist, Mr. Cummings, Mr. Danny K. Davis of Illinois, Ms. Dean, Ms. DeGette, Ms. DeLauro, Ms. DelBene, Mr. Delgado, Mrs. Demings, Mr. Deutch, Mrs. Dingell, Mr. Doggett, Mr. Michael F. Doyle of Pennsylvania, Mr. Engel, Ms. Escobar, Ms. Eshoo, Mr. Espaillat, Mr. Gallego, Mr. Garamendi, Mr. Gomez, Mr. Gottheimer, Mr. Green of Texas, Ms. Haaland, Mr. Hastings, Mr. Heck, Mr. Higgins of New York, Ms. Hill of California, Mr. Himes, Mr. Horsford, Mr. Huffman, Ms. Jackson Lee, Ms. Jayapal, Ms. Johnson of Texas, Mr. Johnson of Georgia, Mr. Keating, Ms. Kelly of Illinois, Mr. Khanna, Mr. Kilmer, Mrs. Kirkpatrick, Mr. Krishnamoorthi, Ms. Kuster of New Hampshire, Mr. Lamb, Mr. Larsen of Washington, Mr. Larson of Connecticut, Mrs. Lawrence, Mr. Lawson of Florida, Ms. Lee of California, Mr. Ted Lieu of California, Mr. Lowenthal, Mrs. Lowey, Mr. Lynch, Mrs. Carolyn B. Maloney of New York, Mr. Sean Patrick Maloney of New York, Ms. Matsui, Mrs. McBath, Ms. McCollum, Mr. McEachin, Mr. McGovern, Mr. Meeks, Ms. Meng, Ms. Moore, Mr. Morelle, Mr. Moulton, Ms. Mucarsel-Powell, Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Napolitano, Mr. Norcross, Ms. Norton, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, Ms. Omar, Mr. Pallone, Mr. Panetta, Mr. Pappas, Mr. Pascrell, Mr. Perlmutter, Mr. Peters, Ms. Plaskett, Mr. Pocan, Ms. Pressley, Mr. Price of North Carolina, Mr. Quigley, Mr. Raskin, Miss Rice of New York, Mr. Rouda, Ms. Roybal-Allard, Mr. Ruppersberger, Mr. Rush, Mr. Ryan, Ms. Sanchez, Ms. Scanlon, Ms. Schakowsky, Mr. Schiff, Mr. Schneider, Ms. Schrier, Mr. Scott of Virginia, Mr. David Scott of Georgia, Mr. Serrano, Ms. Shalala, Mr. Sherman, Ms. Sherrill, Mr. Sires, Mr. Smith of Washington, Mr. Soto, Ms. Spanberger, Ms. Speier, Mr. Suozzi, Mr. Swalwell of California, Mr. Takano, Mr. Thompson of Mississippi, Ms. Titus, Ms. Tlaib, Mr. Tonko, Mrs. Torres of California, Mrs. Trahan, Mr. Vela, Ms. Wasserman Schultz, Mrs. Watson Coleman, Mr. Welch, Ms. Wild, Ms. Wilson of Florida, Mr. Case, Mr. Casten of Illinois, Ms. Castor of Florida, Mr. Cohen, Ms. Davids of Kansas, Mr. DeSaulnier, Ms. Finkenauer, Mrs. Fletcher, Mr. Foster, Mr. Cuellar, Mr. Crow, Ms. Fudge, Mr. Kildee, Mr. Kind, Mr. Levin of Michigan, Mr. Levin of California, Mr. Loebsack, Ms. Lofgren, Mr. Neguse, Mr. McNerney, Mr. Phillips, Ms. Pingree, Mr. Ruiz, Mr. Sarbanes, Ms. Slotkin, Mr. Stanton, Ms. Stevens, Mr. Thompson of California, Ms. Underwood, Mr. Veasey, Ms. Velazquez, Ms. Waters, Ms. Wexton, Ms. Porter, Mr. Vargas, Mr. Garcia of Illinois, Mr. Gonzalez of Texas, Mr. Trone, Mr. Courtney, Ms. Kendra S. Horn of Oklahoma, Ms. Barragan, Mrs. Davis of California, Mr. Evans, Ms. Frankel, Mr. Grijalva, Mrs. Hayes, Mr. Nadler, Mr. Kennedy, and Ms. Houlahan), H2232 [26FE]
Cosponsors added, H2719 [13MR], H2756 [18MR], H2762 [21MR], H3266 [12AP], H3442 [2MY], H3963 [17MY], H7707 [12SE], H8082 [27SE], H8741 [8NO], H8827 [13NO], H8909 [15NO], H9058 [19NO]
Reported with amendment (H. Rept. 116–317), H9186 [29NO]
Providing for consideration (H. Res. 741), H9255 [4DE]