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Public Law No: 93-577 (12/31/1974)


Federal Nonnuclear Energy Research and Development Act - States that it is the policy of the Congress to develop on an urgent basis the technological capabilities to support the broadest range of energy policy options through conservation and use of domestic resources by socially and environmentally acceptable means.

Declares the purpose of this Act to be to establish and vigorously conduct a comprehensive, national program of basic and applied research and development, including but not limited to demonstrations of practical applications of all potentially beneficial energy sources and utilization technologies, within the Energy Research and Development Administration.

Specifies the duties of the Administrator of the Energy Research and Development Administration, including: (1) to review the current status of nonnuclear energy resources and current nonnuclear energy research and development activities, including research and development being conducted by Federal and non-Federal entities; (2) to formulate and carry out a comprehensive Federal nonnuclear energy research, development, and demonstration program, which will expeditiously advance the policies established by this Act and other relevant legislation establishing programs in specific energy technologies; (3) to utilize the funds authorized pursuant to this Act to advance energy research and development through fund transfers, grants, or contracts; and (4) to initiate programs to design, construct, and operate energy facilities of sufficient size to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of utilizing various forms of nonnuclear energy.

States that the comprehensive programs required to be initiated by this Act shall be designed with a primary view to their environmental, conservational, and social consequences. Requires that emphasis be given to those technologies which utilize renewable or essentially inexhaustible energy sources.

Provides that research and development of nonnuclear energy sources shall be pursued in such a way as to facilitate the commercial availability of adequate supplies of energy to all regions of the United States.

Provides that the Administrator shall transmit to the Congress, on or before June 30, 1975, a comprehensive plan for energy research, development, and demonstration (such plan to be subject to annual revision). Requires this plan to be designed to achieve short, middle, and long term solutions to energy problems.

Specifies the forms of Federal assistance which the Administrator may use to advance the purposes of this Act.

States the guidelines to which Federal-industry corporations organized pursuant to this Act shall conform.

Authorizes the Administrator to: (1) identify opportunities to accelerate the commercial applications of new energy technologies, and provide Federal assistance for or participation in demonstration projects; and (2) enter into cooperative agreements with non-Federal entities to demonstrate the technical feasibility and economic potential of energy technologies on a prototype or fullscale basis.

Enumerates the criteria to be considered by the Administrator in reviewing potential projects under this Act.

Provides that if the estimate of the Federal investment with respect to construction costs of any demonstration project proposed to be established under this section exceeds $50,000,000 no amount may be appropriated for such project except as specifically authorized by legislation hereafter enacted by the Congress.

States the patent policy of the United States with respect to inventions made or conceived in the course of or under any contract of the Administration.

States that nothing in this Act shall be deemed to convey to any individual, corporation, or other business organization immunity from civil or criminal liability, or to create defenses to actions, under the antitrust laws.

Directs the Council on Environmental Quality to carry out a continuing analysis of the effect of application of nonnuclear energy technologies to evaluate: (1) the adequacy of attention to energy conservation methods; and (2) the adequacy of attention to environmental protection and the environmental consequences of the application of energy technologies.

Authorizes the President to, by rule or order, require the allocation of or the performance under contracts or orders (other than contracts of employment) relating to supplies of materials and equipment if he finds that: (1) such supplies are scarce, critical and essential to carry out the purposes of this Act; and (2) such supplies cannot reasonably be obtained without exercising this authority.

States that, at the request of the Administrator, the Water Resources Council shall undertake assessments of water resource requirements and water supply availability for any nonnuclear energy technology and any probable combinations of technologies which are the subject of Federal research and development efforts authorized by this Act, and the commercial development of which could have significant impacts on water resources.

Provides that the Administrator, concurrent with the submission of the President's annual budget to the Congress, shall submit a report of the activities carried out pursuant to this Act during the preceding fiscal year.

Authorizes to be appropriated to the Administrator to carry out the purposes of this Act such sums as may be authorized in annual authorization Acts.