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Public Law No: 93-641 (01/04/1975)


National Health Planning and Resources Development Act - States the findings of the Congress that: (1) infusion of Federal funds into the existing health care system has contributed to inflationary increases in the cost of health care and failed to produce an adequate supply or distribution of health resources; (2) the many responses to health problems by the public and private sectors have not resulted in a comprehensive, rational approach to health needs; and (3) health care providers should be encouraged to play an active role in developing health policy at all levels.

States that the purpose of this Act is to facilitate the development of recommendations for a national health planning policy, to augment areawide and State planning for health services, manpower, and facilities, and to authorize financial assistance for the development of resources to further that policy.

Requires the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare to issue guidelines by regulation, within 18 months, concerning national health planning policy, including standards respecting the supply, distribution, and organization of health resources. Identifies State entities that the Secretary shall consult in issuing such guidelines.

States that the Congress finds that specified items deserve priority in establishing national health planning and in the operation of Federal, State, and area health programs, including: (1) provision of primary care services for medically underserved populations; (2) development of multi-institutional systems for coordination of institutional health services; (3) development of medical group practices and health maintenance organizations; (4) training and increased use of physician assistants and nurse clinicians; (5) promotion of preventive health care; and (6) education of the public concerning proper personal health care and use of health services.

Establishes the National Council on Health Planning and Development to advise the Secretary on the achievement of the purposes of this Act.

Requires creation of health service areas throughout the United States for which health systems agencies shall be designated. Sets forth requirements for health services areas, including that: (1) the area shall be a geographic region appropriate for the effective planning and development of health services; (2) the area shall have at least one center for provision of highly specialized health services; and (3) shall have a population of not less than 500,000 or more than 3 million, (with specified exceptions) which shall be appropriately coordinated with the boundaries of areas designated for Professional Standards Review Organizations under the Social Security Act and existing regional and State planning areas.

Requires notice within 30 days of enactment to the Governors of initiation of preceedings to establish health service areas. Allows the Secretary to revise the boundaries of such areas if they fail to meet the requirements of this Act.

Sets forth requirements for establishment of health systems agencies for each health service area. Allows such agencies to be private nonprofit or public entities. Prescribes the staff and governing body composition of such agencies. Describes the duties of such governing bodies, including budget supervision, establishment of health systems plans and their implementation, and approval of grants and contracts. Requires that 60 percent of the membership of such governing bodies be consumers of health services.

Defines the purpose of the health systems agencies as the provision of effective health planning for their health services areas and the promotion and development within their areas of health services, manpower, and facilities which meet identified needs, reduce inefficiencies, and implement the health plans of the agencies.

Requires such agencies to establish, annually review, and amend as necessary, health systems plans (HSP), which shall be statements of goals, and annual implementation plans (AIP), which describe objectives to achieve goals of the HSP.

Requires health systems agencies, in implementing their HSPs and AIPs, to make grants to public and nonprofit private entities to assist them in planning and developing projects and programs which the agency determines are necessary for the achievements of the health systems.

States that such agencies shall approve or disapprove proposed use of specified Federal funds within their areas.

Provides for annual reviews of health programs by such agencies, and follow-up recommendations to the State health planning agencies.

Allows assistance to nonprofit private agencies attempting to be designated as health systems agencies.

Sets forth procedures for designation of such agencies, including periods of conditional designation. Directs the Secretary to make grants to such agencies annually for the functions of such agencies.

Requires the Secretary to enter into agreements with Governors for the designation of State health planning and development agencies. Requires the States to establish Statewide Health Coordinating Councils. States that such agreements between the Governors and the Secretary may at first be conditional, and when non-conditional shall be for periods of 12 months, terminable by either party.

States that the Secretary must approve the administrative programs of such State agencies. Prescribes standards to be met by such administrative programs if they are to be approved, including business meetings conducted in public and annual review of the State plan.

Requires State agencies to prepare and review State health plans made up of the HSPs of the health systems agencies.

Provides for review of HSPs and AIPs by Statewide Health Coordinating Councils, and for reports on such to the Secretary. Requires such Councils to assist in the preparation and review of the State plans.

Directs the Secretary to make grants to the State agencies for purposes of operation and for demonstrating the effectiveness of an agency in regulating rates for the provision of health care.

Prescribes procedures and criteria to be adhered to in conducting required reviews of health plans and programs under this Act, including provision of notice to persons affected, provision of written findings of such review, and consideration of the needs of the areas served.

Directs the Secretary to provide technical assistance to State agencies and the systems agencies for their health planning and programs. Requires the Secretary to establish a national health planning information center to support the health planning and resources development programs of the systems agencies, including establishment of uniform cost and statistical reporting systems.

Empowers the Secretary to review and approve or disapprove the annual budget of the health systems agencies and the State agencies; to prescribe performance standards for such agencies; and to review in detail at least every three years the performance of such agencies.

Directs the Secretary to prescribe by regulation the manner in which the State agencies shall determine for the State medical facilities plan the priority among projects within the State for which assistance is available under this Act. Lists considerations, including special needs of urban and rural areas, which the Secretary shall recognize in making such regulations.

Allows allotments, loans, and loan guarantees to States for modernization of medical facilities, construction of new outpatient and inpatient facilities, and conversion of facilities for the provision of new health services.

Sets forth requirements for such plans and for grant applications for such plans.

Authorizes allotments to States each year of at least $1,000,000 based on population, financial need, and need for medical facilities. Mandates the use of specific percentages of such allotments.

Allows the Secretary to withhold allotments from States when States aren't in compliance with the requirements of this Act.

Sets forth the conditions and procedures governing loans and loan guarantees under this Act. Establishes a loan and loan guarantee fund in the Treasury.

Authorizes special grants to States for elimination of safety hazards in health facilities.

Allows appeals to the United States circuit courts of appeal from specified actions of the Secretary under this Act.

Disavows any Federal control of administration, personnel, maintenance, or operation of any facility receiving funds under this Act.

Requires recordkeeping and audits of records of recipients under this Act.

Directs the Secretary to make annual grants to health systems agencies for development funds.