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Conference report filed in House (04/26/1976)

(Conference report filed in House, H. Rept. 94-1046)

National Science and Technology Policy, Organization, and Priorities Act - =Title I: National Science Engineering, and Technology Policy and Priorities= - Declares it to be the national policy that the Federal investment in science and technology must be addressed to the priority needs of the Nation, including: (1) promoting conservation and efficient utilization of natural and human resources; (2) protecting the oceans and coastal zones; (3) strengthening the economy and promoting full employment; (4) assuring adequate supplies of food, materials, and energy; (5) improving the quality of health care; and (6) improving the nation's housing, transportation, and communication systems.

Declares that the United States shall adhere to a national policy for science and technology which includes the following principles: (1) the continuing development and implementation of a national strategy for determining and achieving the appropriate scope, level, direction, and extent of scientific and technological efforts based upon a continuous appraisal of the role of science and technology in achieving goals and formulating policies of the United States; (2) the enlistment of science and technology to foster a healthy economy in which the directions of growth and innovation are compatible with the prudent and frugal use of resources and with the preservation of a benign environment; and (3) the development and maintenance of a solid base for science and technology in the United States.

States the declaration of Congress that the Federal Government should maintain central policy-planning elements in the executive branch in mobilizing resources for essential science and technology programs, in securing appropriate funding for those programs, and to review systematically Federal science policy and programs and to recommend legislative amendments when needed.

States that, in order to expedite and facilitate the implementation of the policy enunciated in this Act, the following coordinate procedures are of paramount importance: (1) Federal procurement policy should encourage the use of science and technology to foster frugal use of materials, energy, and appropriated funds; to assure quality environment; and to enhance product performance; (2) explicit criteria, including cost-effectiveness principles where feasible, should be developed to identify the kinds of science and technology programs that are appropriate for Federal funding support and to determine the extent of such support; and (3) Federal promotion of science and technology should maximize quality of research, stability of scientific and technological institutions, and, for urgent tasks, timeliness of results.

=Title II: Office of Science and Technology Policy= - Presidential Science and Technology Advisory Organization Act - Establishes in the Executive Office of the President the Office of Science and Technology Policy. Provides for the appointment of a Director, four Associate Directors, and other personnel.

Specifies the functions of the Office, including to: (1) advise the President of scientific and technological considerations involved in areas of national concern; (2) evaluate the scale, quality, and effectiveness of the Federal effort in science and technology and adivse on appropriate actions; (3) advise the President on scientific and technological considerations with regard to Federal budgets; and (4) assist the President in providing general leadership and coordination of the research and development programs of the Federal Government.

States that the Office shall serve as a source of scientific, engineering, and technological analysis and judgment for the President with respect to major policies, plans, and programs of the Federal Government.

Requires the Director to establish an Intergovernmental Science, Engineering, and Technology Advisory Panel to identify and define civilian problems at State, regional, and local levels which science, engineering, and technology may assist in resolving or ameliorating.

States that the Office shall prepare and annually update a five-year forecast which shall identify and describe situations and conditions which warrant special attention, involving current and emerging problems of national significance that are identified through scientific research, or in which scientific or technical considerations are of major significance.

Requires the Director to: (1) serve as Chairman of the Federal Coordinating Council for Science, Engineering, and Technology established under title IV; (2) serve as a member of the Domestic Council; and (3) at the request of the National Security Council advise the Council in such matters concerning science and technology as relate to national security.

Directs the President to transmit an annual Science, Engineering, and Technology Report to the Congress, which shall be prepared by the Office.

=Title III: President's Committee on Science and Technology= - Requires the President to establish a President's Committee on Science and Technology.

Requires the Committee to survey, examine, and analyze the overall context of the Federal science, engineering, and technology effort including missions, goals, personnel, funding, organization, facilities, and activities; and to submit a report of its findings, conclusions, and recommendations to the President within two years of its activation.

Requires the President to transmit the report to Congress.

Terminates the Committee 90 days after submission of its report to the President.

=Title IV: Federal Coordinating Council for Science, Engineering, and Technology= - Establishes the Federal Coordinating Council for Science, Engineering, and Technology, to be chaired by the Director, and to consider problems and developments in the fields of science, engineering, and technology and related activities affecting more than one Federal agency, and to recommend policies designed to provide more effective planning and administration of Federal scientific, engineering, and technological programs.

=Title V: General Provisions= - Authorizes appropriations to carry out titles II and III of this Act through fiscal year 1977.