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Reported to House with amendment(s) (05/06/1976)

(Reported to House from the Committee on the Judiciary with amendment, H. Rept. 94-1103)

Federal Firearms Act - =Title I=: Declares the findings of the Congress: (1) that the handgun has become the principal instrument used in violent crime, that persons armed with handguns constitute a particular threat to the President and other public officials, that a substantial illicit interstate commerce exists in handguns, that convicted felons, mental incompetents, and other disqualified persons have virtually unrestricted access to, and possession of handguns; and (2) that reasonable restrictions on handguns acquisition, possession, and use are threfore necessary to reduce handgun violence.

=Title II=: Adds to the definition of "firearm" under title 18 of the United States Code the following description: any weapon which by action of an explosive expels a projectile that may remain attached to the weapons by a wire or other means.

Defines terms used in this Act as follows: (1) "dealer" means any person selling firearms or ammunition, any person who is a pawnbroker, any person who is a gunsmith, and any person who is an ammunition retailer; (2) "wholesale firearms dealer" means any person, other than a dealer in destructive devices, who purchases and sells firearms or ammunition; (3) "gunsmith" means any person who is engaged in the business of repairing firearms or making mechanisms to firearms; (4) "ammunition retailer" means any person who is not otherwise a dealer and who is engaged in the business of selling ammunition; and (5) "pawnbroker" means any person whose business or occupation includes the taking or receiving, by way of pledge or pawn, of firearms other than destructive devices or of ammunition other than ammunition for destructive devices, as security for the payment or repayment of money.

Restructures licensing requirements for firearms including the following: (1) increases the required license fee for persons dealing in firearms other than destructive devices to $500, and for firearms other than destructive devices and handguns to $200; and (2) imposes a license fee of $200 on persons dealing in ammunition for firearms other than ammunition for destructive devices. Provides that prior to renewing the license of a manufacturer or importer, their premises shall be inspected and records reviewed to determine compliance with Federal law.

Requires that in order for a license to deal in firearms to be renewed, the applicant must notify the chief local law enforcement officer that the applicant has applied for a license and has complied with the laws of the State and locality. Provides that such a license renewal shall be conditioned upon the applicant maintaining security devices or personnel on the premises.

Extends from 45 to 90 days the period within which an application for a license to deal in firearms shall be approved or denied.

Provides that persons who violate any provision of this Act shall be subject to suspension or revocation of their license.

Requires common and contract carriers to transport firearms and ammunition in conformity with applicable safety regulations.

Requires transporters of such items to report loss or theft of such items within 48 hours.

Makes it unlawful to sell or otherwise dispose of such items to any person who is prohibited from possessing, shipping, transporting, or receiving such items.

Makes it unlawful for any person licensed to deal in firearms to transfer two or more handguns to the same person, other than another licensed person, in a period of 30 days or less. Applies restrictions to persons buying handguns.

Makes it unlawful for any person to knowingly import any handgun part for use in manufacturing a concealable handgun.

Requires standardization of firearms serialization.

Requires licensed persons to report loss or theft of firearms and ammunition within 48 hours.

Requires imposition, without capability of suspension, of an additional sentence for the carrying or use of a firearm in the commission of a crime of violence. Sets such additional sentence at a minimum of one year for first offenders and at a minimum of two years for second-time offenders.

Makes it unlawful to manufacture or assemble a concealable handgun unless authorized.

Makes it unlawful to sell, deliver, or transport such item.

Requires the Secretary of the Treasury to transmit to the Congress each regulation promulgated under this Act for possible disapproval.

=Title III: Handgun Purchases, Preclearance Procedures and Effective Date= - Provides that a licensed dealer in handguns may sell a handgun to a person only if such person appears in person at the licensee's business premises, presents a sworn statement giving required information, and presents proper identification. Requires the transferor to notify the chief law enforcement officer of the transferee's place of residence of the sale of the weapon.