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Indefinitely postponed in Senate (06/25/1976)

(Measure indefinitely postponed in Senate, H.R. 13350 passed in lieu)

Authorizes the appropriation of the following sums to the Energy Research and Development Administration: (1) for nuclear energy research and development, $5,259,304,000; (2) for nonnuclear energy research, development, and demonstration of fossil, solar, geothermal, and other forms of energy, and for energy conservation, $1,128,195,000; and (3) for environmental research and safety, basic energy sciences, and related programs, $675,398,000.

Amends prior appropriation authorizations Acts to increase the amount authorized for specific energy research projects. Extends such authorizations through fiscal year 1977.

=Title I: For Nuclear Energy Research and Development, Basic Research, Space Nuclear Systems and Other Technology, Uranium Enrichment, National Security, and Related Programs= - Authorizes appropriations for operating expenses for nuclear energy research and development programs.

Lists authorizations for additional plant and capital expenditures. Imposes limits and conditions on such expenditures. Places percentage limitations on the amount of cost overruns allowable without additional Congressional authorization.

=Title II: Nonnuclear Programs= - Authorizes appropriations for operating expenses for nonnuclear energy research and development programs. Lists authorizations for additional plant and capital expenditures, including funds for a biomass conversion facility.

Provides that the initial authorization in this Act or other Acts for construction of any energy demonstration plant shall expire three years after such authorization, unless funds are appropriated pursuant to law, or such authorization is extended. Requires classification, by specified categories, of ERDA contract or grant recipients for purposes of required reports to the Congress.

Requires that at least 20 percent of the total amount of funds made available under this title for solar energy programs shall be available exclusively to small businesses and individual inventors.

=Title III: For Environmental Research and Safety, Basic Energy Sciences, Program Support, and Related Programs= - Authorizes appropriations for operating expenses for environmental research and safety, program support, and related activities.

Authorizes the appropriation of $1,000,000 to the Water Resources Council for the water resources evaluation study authorized by the Federal Nonnuclear Energy Research and Development Act of 1974. Authorizes the appropriation of $500,000 to the Council on Environmental Quality for the environmental evaluation on nonnuclear energy technologies authorized by such Act. Lists authorizations for additional plant and capital expenditures. Places percentage limitations on cost overruns.

=Title IV: General Provisions= - Authorizes the Administrator of the Energy Research and Development Administration to perform construction design services prior to Congressional approval of construction projects where the Administrator determines that such project is of such urgency as to require prompt completion upon its approval by Congress, in order to meet the needs of national defense or protection of life and property or health and safety.

Prohibits any nuclear fuel from being exported to supply a nuclear power reactor to a nonnuclear country, unless Congress first reviews such export.

Grants the Congress an opportunity for disapproval of amounts appropriated for nonnuclear energy programs in excess of the amounts actually authorized for such programs, and of amounts appropriated for nonnuclear programs which have not been presented to or requested of the Congress. Establishes an Appalachian National Energy Laboratory.

=Title V: Basis for Government Charge for Uranium Enrichment Services= - Authorizes the Energy Research and Development Administration to establish prices for uranium enrichment services on a basis which should recover not less than the Government's costs over a reasonable period of time and in the opinion of the Administrator will not discourage the development of domestic sources of supply independent of the Energy Research and Development Administration.

=Title VI: Energy Conservation Institutes and Extension Service= - Authorizes the Administrator of ERDA to provide sums made available under this title to the States to assist in establishing and carrying on an energy conservation research, development, and demonstration institute at one college or university in each State. Gives preference to land-grant colleges in such program.

Requires such institutes to: (1) coordinate, support, and implement programs on regional energy conservation problems and opportunities; (2) provide a nucleus of administrative, scientific, and technical personnel for planning and implementing the interdisciplinary programs related to such problems and opportunities; and (3) plan and conduct or arrange for the college or university to conduct research in, and evaluations of, energy conservation methods and opportunities, and provide for the training in energy conservation of scientists, engineers, architects, economists, and urban planners. Authorizes such institutes to conduct technical education programs for scientists, engineers, builders, economists, and planners. Provides for additional funds for such institutes to meet expenses of specific research, development or demonstration which could not otherwise be undertaken.

Places the administration of this title with the Administrator, and requires him to report annually thereon to the President and the Congress.

Establishes the Energy Extension Service in ERDA, which shall, in cooperation with existing Federal, State, and local institutions and the institutes, develop and implement a comprehensive program for the identification, demonstration, and dissemination of practices, techniques, materials and equipment related to energy conservation, improved energy efficiency, and the utilization of renewable energy resources applicable to agricultural, commercial and small business operations, and to new and existing residential, commercial, or agricultural buildings. Requires the Service to prescribe guidelines for the development and implementation of such programs by State governments, which shall disseminate energy conservation information, instruction programs for specified Federal employees throughout the States in consumer energy information and service. Requires the Service to cooperate with specified Federal departments and agencies to coordinate relevant programs.

Authorizes appropriations through fiscal year 1980 to carry out this title.

=Title VII: Small Grants Program for Appropriate Technology= - Directs the Administrator, acting through a new Office of Appropriate Technology, which shall be established, to institute and carry out a program of $50,000 grants for the purpose of promoting research, development and demonstration projects appropriate to: (1) the needs of local communities and the enhancement of community self-reliance; (2) the use of renewable resources; and (3) applications which demonstrate simplicity of installation and operation. Permits such grants to be made to individuals, local nonprofit organizations, State and local agencies, Indian tribes, and small businesses.

=Title VIII: Loan Guarantee Program for Commercial Demonstration Facilities= - Authorizes the Administrator to guarantee and make commitments to guarantee the payment of interest on, and the principal balance of, bonds and other obligations for the purpose of financing 75 percent of the construction and start-up costs of commercial demonstration facilities: (1) for the conversion of biomass into synthetic fuels; and (2) to generate desirable forms of energy in commercial quantities from bioconversion. Stipulates that with respect to any demonstration facility for the conversion of solid waste the Administrator, prior to issuing any guarantee, must be in receipt of a certification from the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and any appropriate State or areawide solid waste management planning agency that the proposed application for a guarantee is consistent with any applicable suggested guidelines published pursuant to the Solid Waste Disposal Act and any applicable State or regional solid waste management plan.

Requires the Administrator to request from the Attorney General and the Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission views concerning the impact of each guarantee on competition and concentration. Permits Governors a right of disapproval of the location of a facility for which a guarantee is made, unless the Administrator finds an overriding national interest in retaining such proposed location.

Directs the Administrator to review and approve the plans of the applicant for the construction and operation of any commercial demonstration and related facilities constructed with assistance under such a guarantee.

Requires the Administrator to submit a report to the Congress within 180 days and annually recommending the best opportunities to implement a program of Federal financial assistance for demonstrating production and conservation of energy. Requires such report to include a comprehensive plan and program to acquire information and evaluate the environmental, economic, social, and technological impacts of such demonstration program.

Provides the Congress an opportunity to disapprove any proposed guarantee of a commercial demonstration facility.

Establishes a separate fund within the Treasury as a revolving fund for the purpose of carrying out such guarantee program.

Authorizes the Administrator to request an authorization for the commercial scale demonstration of new energy technologies.

Requires ERDA employees having any function in such guarantee program and any financial interest in activities connected therewith to file annual financial statements with the Administrator. Makes the Administrator a member of the Water Resources Council.

=Title IX: Organizational Conflict of Interest= - Requires the Administrator to exercise his powers in such a manner as to maintain and promote active and open competition among private persons and organizations involved in energy research and development; and to make no arrangements whether by advertising or negotiation for the conduct of research and development activities with any private person or organization when, after appropriate restrictions have been attached to such arrangements, such person or organization: (1) may be unable to render impartial, technically sound, or objective assistance or advice due to its other organizations; or (2) would be given an unfair competitive advantage.

=Title X: Assistant Administrator for Commercial Demonstration= - Establishes a position of Assistant Administrator for Commercial Demonstration within the Administration.