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Introduced in Senate (03/06/1978)

Education Amendments - Title I: Amendments to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 - Amends Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 regarding grants to local educational agencies to (1) extend authorizations for appropriations to fiscal year 1983; (2) revise the distribution formula used to allocate funds among the States and local educational agencies to require the use of data from the most recently completed census; (3) conform the definition of handicapped children for purposes of such Act to that in the Education of the Handicapped Act; (4) establish a new incentive grant program involving Federal matching funds to States establishing compensatory education programs; (5) establish a new grant program for local educational agencies with especially high concentrations of low-income children with emphasis on basic educational skills; (6) revise application criteria for local educational agencies applying for basic grants under such Act; (7) permit local educational agencies in States with their own compensatory education programs to use funds from such State programs in areas outside of those covered under Title I of such Act under specified conditions; (8) establish a basic grant program that would permit districts with schools in which at least 80 percent of the children are from low-income families to carry out school-wide educational programs for all the children in such schools; (9) revise the provisions regarding assistance to children in private schools; (10) revise State application requirements for basic educational grants; and (11) revise certain provisions relating to adjustments necessitated by appropriations insufficient to pay in full basic educational grants.

Basic Skills and Educational Quality Act - Amends Title II of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 to establish a grant program to improve the basic educational skills of reading, mathematics, and communication. Establishes guidelines for such program and authorizes appropriations for fiscal years 1980-1983.

Amends Title III of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act to establish a program of grants for fiscal years 1980-1983 to carry out special projects to experiment with new educational techniques and practice in certain areas including (1) art education in elementary and secondary curricula; (2) education of gifted and talented children; (3) metric education; (4) consumer education; (5) career education and youth employment; and (6) community school programs.

Amends Title IV of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 to revise generally and consolidate provisions regarding programs of educational improvement and support. Authorizes the Commissioner of Education to make grants to State educational agencies to support local educational agencies in developing innovative compensatory education projects. Authorizes assistance to help strengthen State educational leadership resources.

Amends Title VII of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 regarding bilingual education to (1) extend the National Advisory Council on Bilingual Education to fiscal year 1983; (2) expand the target group to include children having difficulty reading and writing English as well as those having difficulty speaking and understanding instruction in English; (3) provide for greater parent participation; (4) restrict grants under such Title to a period of not more than five years; and (5) extend authorization of appropriations under such Title to fiscal year 1983.

Title II: Impact Aid Amendments - Revises certain provisions with regard to Federal assistance for local educational agencies in federally impacted area including (1) eliminating entitlements based on children whose parents work on Federal property outside the county in which the school district is located; (2) revising the computation of the local contribution rate; (3) substituting for the existing minimum eligibility criteria for assistance the requirement that all districts absorb without payment a number of federally-connected children equal to three percent of their total non-Federal enrollment; and (4) authorizing increased payments to certain highly impacted areas.

Revises certain provisions concerning educational assistance because of disasters to (1) eliminate such assistance for local, non-major disasters; (2) extend the program as amended to fiscal year 1983; and (3) raise the minimum amount of loss required for assistance. Extends certain payments for construction of school facilities in federally impacted areas to fiscal year 1983.

Title III: Miscellaneous Amendments Relating to Education Programs - Amends the Adult Education Act to (1) revise State application requirements; (2) extend such Act to fiscal year 1983; (3) permit profit making organizations to carry out adult education programs under such Act; (4) authorize a program for grants for adult education research and related activities; and (5) extend the authorization of appropriations for special projects for the elderly under such Act to fiscal year 1983.

Extends the Environmental Education Act and the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Education Act to fiscal year 1983.

Women's Educational Equity Act - Reenacts section 405 of the Education Amendments of 1974 (also known as the Women's Educational Equity Act of 1974) as a separate authority. Increases from $15,000 to $25,000 the maximum amount of individual grants available under this Act.

Title IV: Amendments to the Emergency School Aid Act - Amends the Emergency School Aid Act to (1) extend the authorization of appropriations to fiscal year 1983 for State apportionment and for special programs and projects under such Act; (2) permit grants and contracts to be made with nonprofit private organizations for special programs and projects; establish a new program of grants to State educational agencies to pay a two dollars for each State dollar used in State programs of voluntary desegregation under this Title; and (4) revise application criteria including permitting multiyear applications.

Title V: General Education Provisions - Amends the General Education Provisions Act to (1) extend the authorization of appropriations for the National Center for Educational Statistics to fiscal year 1983; (2) revise the provisions regarding State and local administration; and (3) revise the provisions regarding Federal enforcement including establishing an Education Appeal Board to provide a hearing procedure for adverse actions taken against recipients of most forms of Federal educational assistance by the Office of Education.