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Passed House amended (11/14/1979)

(Measure passed House, amended, roll call #660 (352-48))

Meat Import Act of 1979 - Limits the maximum aggregate quantity of specified meat articles which may be entered or withdrawn from warehouses, for consumption in the customs territory of the United States in any calendar year after 1979 to 1,204,600,000 pounds, adjustable according to a specified formula. Excludes from the domestic commercial production factor in such formula the carcass weight of live cattle specified in certain Tariff Schedules.

Requires a further adjustment of such annual aggregate quantity by multiplying it by a ratio of: (1) the average annual per capita production of domestic cow beef during a calendar year (as estimated) and the four preceding calendar years; to (2) the average annual per capita production of domestic cow beef in the calendar year.

Directs the Secretary of Agriculture, for each calendar year after 1979, to estimate and publish the aggregate quantity of meat articles prescribed for such year as well as the quantity that would be entered into the United States but for the limitations. Directs the President to limit by proclamation the total quantity of meat articles entered into the United States, whenever such quantity equals or exceeds 110 percent of the Secretary's estimate but prohibits limitation below 1,250,000,000 pounds. Directs the President to include within such limitations high-quality beef specially processed into fancy cuts pursuant to the Trade Agreement Act of 1979. Requires the termination of any limitation as of the first day of a calendar quarter, under most circumstances, if before such quarter the aggregate quantity is less than 110 percent of the Secretary's estimate.

Permits the President, upon giving 30 days notice in the Federal Register, to suspend any proclamation or increase any amount proclaimed as required by the preceding provision if: (1) required by economic or national security interests; (2) supplies are inadequate to meet domestic demand at reasonable prices; or (3) trade agreements ensure the execution of the policy.

Prohibits the President from increasing the total quantity of meat imports if the above ratio is less than 1.0 unless: (1) a period of national emergency is declared; (2) supplies are inadequate because of a natural disaster, disease, or national market disruption to meet demand at reasonable prices; or (3) revised calculations based on actual data yield a quotient of 1.0 or more.

Prohibits such suspension or increase from extending beyond the termination of the national emergency.

Requires the Secretary to allocate the entry quota of meat articles proclaimed by the President among supplying countries on the basis of their representative shares of the United States market for meat articles during the respective period, taking into account any special factors.

Directs the Secretary to study the regional economic impact of imports of meat articles and report any recommendations to the appropriate committees of Congress by June 30, 1980.

Amends the Tariff Schedules of the United States to provide for separate tariff provisions for goat and sheep meat (formerly a single provision).