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Independent Contractor Tax Status Clarification Act of 1979

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A bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 to clarify the standards used for determining whether individuals are not employees for purposes of the employment taxes.

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Date Actions Overview
03/27/1979Introduced in House

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Date All Actions
03/27/1979Referred to House Committee on Ways and Means.
Action By: House of Representatives
03/27/1979Introduced in House
Action By: House of Representatives

Cosponsors (183)

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Rep. Boner, William H. [D-TN-5]
Rep. Stockman, David A. [R-MI-4]
Rep. Kostmayer, Peter H. [D-PA-8]
Rep. Cotter, William R. [D-CT-1]
Rep. Hansen, George V. [R-ID-2]
Rep. Panetta, Leon [D-CA-16]
Rep. Daniel, W. C. (Dan) [D-VA-5]
Rep. Ichord, Richard H. [D-MO-8]
Rep. Tauke, Thomas Joseph [R-IA-2]
Rep. Robinson, J. Kenneth [R-VA-7]
Rep. Ireland, Andrew P. [D-FL-8]
Rep. Butler, M. Caldwell [R-VA-6]
Rep. Symms, Steven D. [R-ID-1]
Rep. Lott, Trent [R-MS-5]
Rep. Jones, James R. [D-OK-1]
Rep. Coelho, Anthony Lee [D-CA-15]
Rep. Mitchell, Donald J. [R-NY-31]
Rep. Lewis, Jerry [R-CA-41]
Rep. Stenholm, Charles W. [D-TX-17]
Rep. Forsythe, Edwin B. [R-NJ-6]
Rep. Watkins, Wes [D-OK-3]
Rep. Nolan, Richard M. [D-MN-6]
Rep. Winn, Larry, Jr. [R-KS-3]
Rep. Harsha, William H. [R-OH-6]
Rep. Grisham, Wayne R. [R-CA-33]
Rep. Corman, James C. [D-CA-21]
Rep. Jacobs, Andrew, Jr. [D-IN-11]
Rep. Shelby, Richard C. [D-AL-7]
Rep. Huckaby, Thomas J. (Jerry) [D-LA-5]
Rep. Patterson, Jerry M. [D-CA-38]
Rep. Holland, Kenneth L. [D-SC-5]
Rep. Beard, Edward [D-RI-2]
Rep. Harris, Herbert E., II [D-VA-8]
Rep. Murphy, Austin J. [D-PA-22]
Rep. Stokes, Louis [D-OH-21]
Rep. Cavanaugh, John J. [D-NE-2]
Rep. Whitehurst, G. William [R-VA-2]
Rep. Frenzel, Bill [R-MN-3]
Rep. Chappell, Bill, Jr. [D-FL-4]
Rep. Snyder, M. G. (Gene) [R-KY-4]
Rep. Collins, James M. [R-TX-3]
Rep. LaFalce, John J. [D-NY-36]
Rep. Glickman, Dan [D-KS-4]
Rep. Hughes, William J. [D-NJ-2]
Rep. Vento, Bruce F. [D-MN-4]
Rep. Gramm, Phil [D-TX-6]
Rep. Roth, Toby [R-WI-8]
Rep. Jenkins, Edgar L. [D-GA-9]
Rep. Hance, Kent R. [D-TX-19]
Rep. Lagomarsino, Robert J. [R-CA-19]
Rep. Bafalis, L. A. (Skip) [R-FL-10]
Rep. Corrada, Baltasar [I-PR-At Large]
Rep. Kelly, Richard [R-FL-5]
Rep. Heftel, Cecil [D-HI-1]
Rep. Young, Robert A. [D-MO-2]
Rep. Duncan, John J. [R-TN-2]
Rep. Blanchard, James [D-MI-18]
Rep. Evans, Billy Lee [D-GA-8]
Rep. Mineta, Norman Y. [D-CA-13]
Rep. Hubbard, Carroll, Jr. [D-KY-1]
Rep. Carter, Tim Lee [R-KY-5]
Rep. Cheney, Dick [R-WY-At Large]
Rep. Cleveland, James C. [R-NH-2]
Rep. Conte, Silvio O. [R-MA-1]
Rep. Crane, Philip M. [R-IL-12]
Rep. D'Amours, Norman E. [D-NH-1]
Rep. Daschle, Thomas A. [D-SD-At Large]
Rep. de la Garza, E. [D-TX-15]
Rep. Derrick, Butler C. [D-SC-3]
Rep. Derwinski, Edward J. [R-IL-4]
Rep. Dickinson, William L. [R-AL-2]
Rep. Donnelly, Brian J. [D-MA-11]
Rep. Evans, David W. [D-IN-6]
Rep. Fazio, Vic [D-CA-3]
Rep. Fish, Hamilton, Jr. [R-NY-25]
Rep. Ford, Harold E. [D-TN-8]
Rep. Gudger, V. Lamar [D-NC-11]
Rep. Guyer, Tennyson [R-OH-4]
Rep. Heckler, Margaret M. [R-MA-10]
Rep. Hopkins, Larry J. [R-KY-6]
Rep. Hyde, Henry J. [R-IL-6]
Rep. Jeffries, Jim [R-KS-2]
Rep. Kogovsek, Ray [D-CO-3]
Rep. Kramer, Ken [R-CO-5]
Rep. Leach, Claude (Buddy), Jr. [D-LA-4]
Rep. Leath, Marvin [D-TX-11]
Rep. Lloyd, James F. [D-CA-35]
Rep. Loeffler, Tom [R-TX-21]
Rep. Lujan, Manuel, Jr. [R-NM-1]
Rep. Luken, Thomas A. [D-OH-2]
Rep. Lungren, Daniel E. [R-CA-3]
Rep. Martin, James G. [R-NC-9]
Rep. Marriott, David Daniel [R-UT-2]
Rep. Mavroules, Nicholas [D-MA-6]
Rep. Nichols, Bill [D-AL-3]
Rep. Ottinger, Richard L. [D-NY-24]
Rep. Paul, Ron [R-TX-14]
Rep. Pursell, Carl D. [R-MI-2]
Rep. Runnels, Harold L. [D-NM-2]
Rep. Santini, James D. [D-NV-98]
Rep. Sawyer, Harold S. [R-MI-5]
Rep. Schulze, Richard T. [R-PA-5]
Rep. Sebelius, Keith G. [R-KS-1]
Rep. Sensenbrenner, F. James, Jr. [R-WI-5]
Rep. Shumway, Norman D. [R-CA-14]
Rep. Skelton, Ike [D-MO-4]
Rep. Spence, Floyd [R-SC-2]
Rep. Vander Jagt, Guy [R-MI-9]
Rep. Volkmer, Harold L. [D-MO-9]
Rep. Whittaker, Bob [R-KS-5]
Rep. Wilson, Charles H. [D-CA-31]
Rep. Wilson, Charles [D-TX-2]
Rep. Wirth, Timothy [D-CO-2]
Rep. Wyatt, Joe, Jr. [D-TX-14]
Rep. Young, Don [R-AK-At Large]
Rep. Addabbo, Joseph P. [D-NY-7]
Rep. Akaka, Daniel K. [D-HI-2]
Rep. Anthony, Beryl, Jr. [D-AR-4]
Rep. Ashbrook, John M. [R-OH-17]
Rep. Baldus, Alvin J. [D-WI-3]
Rep. Bauman, Robert E. [R-MD-1]
Rep. Beilenson, Anthony C. [D-CA-23]
Rep. Brinkley, Jack [D-GA-3]
Rep. Buchanan, John [R-AL-6]
Rep. Campbell, Carroll A., Jr. [R-SC-4]
Rep. Bennett, Charles E. [D-FL-3]
Rep. Barnes, Michael D. [D-MD-8]
Rep. Coughlin, Lawrence [R-PA-13]
Rep. Crane, Daniel B. [R-IL-19]
Rep. Dougherty, Charles F. [R-PA-4]
Rep. Fithian, Floyd J. [D-IN-2]
Rep. Frost, Martin [D-TX-24]
Rep. Hinson, Jon C. [R-MS-4]
Rep. Kemp, Jack [R-NY-38]
Rep. Lee, Gary A. [R-NY-33]
Rep. Livingston, Bob [R-LA-1]
Rep. Moore, W. Henson [R-LA-6]
Rep. Natcher, William H. [D-KY-2]
Rep. Nelson, Bill [D-FL-11]
Rep. Pritchard, Joel [R-WA-1]
Rep. Smith, Neal Edward [D-IA-4]
Rep. Treen, David C. [R-LA-3]
Rep. Wampler, William C. [R-VA-9]
Rep. Ginn, Bo [D-GA-1]
Rep. Emery, David F. [R-ME-1]
Rep. Lent, Norman F. [R-NY-4]
Rep. Foley, Thomas S. [D-WA-5]
Rep. Swift, Al [D-WA-2]
Rep. Aspin, Les [D-WI-1]
Rep. Courter, Jim [R-NJ-12]
Rep. Gingrich, Newt [R-GA-6]
Rep. Gradison, Willis D., Jr. [R-OH-1]
Rep. Hanley, James M. [D-NY-32]
Rep. Kindness, Thomas N. [R-OH-8]
Rep. Mathis, Dawson [D-GA-2]
Rep. Mattox, James A. [D-TX-5]
Rep. McDonald, Lawrence P. [D-GA-7]
Rep. McKinney, Stewart B. [R-CT-4]
Rep. Mica, Daniel Andrew [D-FL-14]
Rep. Montgomery, G. V. (Sonny) [D-MS-3]
Rep. Rousselot, John H. [R-CA-26]
Rep. Taylor, G. [R-MO-7]
Rep. Young, C. W. Bill [R-FL-6]
Rep. Snowe, Olympia J. [R-ME-2]
Rep. Barnard, Doug, Jr. [D-GA-10]
Rep. Leach, James A. [R-IA-1]
Rep. Goldwater, Barry, Jr. [R-CA-20]
Rep. Grassley, Chuck [R-IA-3]
Rep. Hagedorn, Thomas M. [R-MN-2]
Rep. Dornan, Robert K. [R-CA-27]
Rep. Brown, Clarence, Jr. [R-OH-7]
Rep. Rudd, Eldon D. [R-AZ-4]
Rep. Stump, Bob [D-AZ-3]
Rep. Williams, Pat [D-MT-At Large]
Rep. Neal, Stephen L. [D-NC-5]
Rep. Whitley, Charles O., Sr. [D-NC-3]
Rep. Miller, George [D-CA-7]
Rep. Lundine, Stanley N. [D-NY-39]
Rep. Stack, Edward J. [D-FL-12]
Rep. Steed, Tom [D-OK-4]
Rep. Hillis, Elwood H. [R-IN-5]
Rep. Petri, Thomas E. [R-WI-6]
Rep. Royer, William [R-CA-11]

Committees (1)

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Committee / Subcommittee Date Activity Reports
House Ways and Means03/27/1979 Referred to

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Shown Here:
Introduced in House (03/27/1979)

Independent Contractor Tax Status Clarification Act of 1979 - Amends the Internal Revenue Code to specify standards for determining whether certain individuals qualify as independent contractors for purposes of social security taxation. Treats an individual as an independent contractor if such individual: (1) controls the total number of his work hours; (2) does not maintain a principal place of business, or if he does, such place of business is not provided, or provided rent-free, by the person for whom such individual performs services; (3) has substantial investment in his business and earns income based upon sales or output rather than upon number of hours worked; and (4) performs services pursuant to a written contract and is provided written notice of his responsibility with respect to income and self-employment taxes.

Amends Title II (Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance) of the Social Security Act to provide coverage for service performed by an individual who qualifies as an independent contractor under the standards established by this Act.