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Soft Drink Interbrand Competition Act

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Official Title as Introduced

A bill to clarify the circumstances under which territorial provisions in licenses to manufacture, distribute, and sell trademarked soft drink products are lawful under the antitrust laws.

Actions Overview (3)

Date Actions Overview
06/24/1980Passed/agreed to in House: Measure passed House, amended, roll call #360 (377-34).
06/20/1980Reported to House from the Committee on the Judiciary with amendment, H. Rept. 96-1118.
04/10/1979Introduced in House

All Actions (8)

Date All Actions
06/24/1980Measure laid on table in House, S. 598 passed in lieu.
Action By: House of Representatives
06/24/1980Measure passed House, amended, roll call #360 (377-34).
Action By: House of Representatives
06/24/1980Measure considered in House.
Action By: House of Representatives
06/24/1980Measure called up under motion to suspend rules and pass in House.
Action By: House of Representatives
06/20/1980Reported to House from the Committee on the Judiciary with amendment, H. Rept. 96-1118.
05/29/1980Motion to discharge Committee on the Judiciary filed in House.
Action By: House of Representatives
04/10/1979Referred to House Committee on the Judiciary.
Action By: House of Representatives
04/10/1979Introduced in House
Action By: House of Representatives

Cosponsors (318)

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Rep. Mollohan, Robert H. [D-WV-1]
Rep. Shelby, Richard C. [D-AL-7]
Rep. Vander Jagt, Guy [R-MI-9]
Rep. Broyhill, James T. [R-NC-10]
Rep. Moorhead, Carlos J. [R-CA-22]
Rep. Abdnor, James [R-SD-2]
Rep. Addabbo, Joseph P. [D-NY-7]
Rep. Akaka, Daniel K. [D-HI-2]
Rep. Albosta, Donald J. [D-MI-10]
Rep. Alexander, Bill [D-AR-1]
Rep. Ambro, Jerome A. [D-NY-3]
Rep. Andrews, Ike [D-NC-4]
Rep. Andrews, Mark [R-ND-At Large]
Rep. Anthony, Beryl, Jr. [D-AR-4]
Rep. Applegate, Douglas [D-OH-18]
Rep. Archer, Bill [R-TX-7]
Rep. Ashbrook, John M. [R-OH-17]
Rep. Aspin, Les [D-WI-1]
Rep. Atkinson, Eugene V. [D-PA-25]
Rep. Badham, Robert E. [R-CA-40]
Rep. Bafalis, L. A. (Skip) [R-FL-10]
Rep. Bailey, Donald A. [D-PA-21]
Rep. Barnard, Doug, Jr. [D-GA-10]
Rep. Bevill, Tom [D-AL-4]
Rep. Biaggi, Mario [D-NY-10]
Rep. Blanchard, James [D-MI-18]
Rep. Bonior, David E. [D-MI-12]
Rep. Bonker, Don [D-WA-3]
Rep. Lloyd, Marilyn [D-TN-3]
Rep. Bowen, David R. [D-MS-2]
Rep. Breaux, John B. [D-LA-7]
Rep. Brinkley, Jack [D-GA-3]
Rep. Brodhead, William [D-MI-17]
Rep. Brooks, Jack B. [D-TX-9]
Rep. Brown, George E., Jr. [D-CA-36]
Rep. Buchanan, John [R-AL-6]
Rep. Burgener, Clair W. [R-CA-43]
Rep. Butler, M. Caldwell [R-VA-6]
Rep. Campbell, Carroll A., Jr. [R-SC-4]
Rep. Carney, William [R-NY-1]
Rep. Chappell, Bill, Jr. [D-FL-4]
Rep. Cheney, Dick [R-WY-At Large]
Rep. Chisholm, Shirley [D-NY-12]
Rep. Clausen, Don H. [R-CA-2]
Rep. Clay, William (Bill) [D-MO-1]
Rep. Clinger, William F., Jr. [R-PA-5]
Rep. Coelho, Anthony Lee [D-CA-15]
Rep. Collins, James M. [R-TX-3]
Rep. Conable, Barber B., Jr. [R-NY-35]
Rep. Corcoran, Tom [R-IL-15]
Rep. Coughlin, Lawrence [R-PA-13]
Rep. Crane, Daniel B. [R-IL-19]
Rep. Daniel, Robert W., Jr. [R-VA-4]
Rep. AuCoin, Les [D-OR-1]
Rep. Daschle, Thomas A. [D-SD-At Large]
Rep. Davis, Mendel J. [D-SC-1]
Rep. de la Garza, E. [D-TX-15]
Rep. Dellums, Ronald V. [D-CA-8]
Rep. Derrick, Butler C. [D-SC-3]
Rep. Devine, Samuel L. [R-OH-12]
Rep. Dickinson, William L. [R-AL-2]
Rep. Dicks, Norman D. [D-WA-6]
Rep. Dixon, Julian C. [R-CA-32]
Rep. Dornan, Robert K. [R-CA-27]
Rep. Dougherty, Charles F. [R-PA-4]
Rep. Downey, Thomas J. [D-NY-2]
Rep. Duncan, John J. [R-TN-2]
Rep. Edgar, Robert W. [D-PA-7]
Rep. Edwards, Jack [R-AL-1]
Rep. Emery, David F. [R-ME-1]
Rep. English, Glenn [D-OK-6]
Rep. Ertel, Allen E. [D-PA-17]
Rep. Evans, Billy Lee [D-GA-8]
Rep. Evans, Thomas B., Jr. [R-DE-At Large]
Rep. Fazio, Vic [D-CA-3]
Rep. Ferraro, Geraldine A. [D-NY-9]
Rep. Fish, Hamilton, Jr. [R-NY-25]
Rep. Flippo, Ronnie G. [D-AL-5]
Rep. Flood, Daniel J. [D-PA-11]
Rep. Florio, James J. [D-NJ-1]
Rep. Foley, Thomas S. [D-WA-5]
Rep. Ford, William D. [D-MI-15]
Rep. Forsythe, Edwin B. [R-NJ-6]
Rep. Fountain, L. H. [D-NC-2]
Rep. Fowler, Wyche, Jr. [D-GA-5]
Rep. Frenzel, Bill [R-MN-3]
Rep. Fuqua, Don [D-FL-2]
Rep. Garcia, Robert [D-NY-21]
Rep. Gaydos, Joseph M. [D-PA-20]
Rep. Gephardt, Richard A. [D-MO-3]
Rep. Gibbons, Sam [D-FL-7]
Rep. Gilman, Benjamin A. [R-NY-26]
Rep. Gingrich, Newt [R-GA-6]
Rep. Ginn, Bo [D-GA-1]
Rep. Glickman, Dan [D-KS-4]
Rep. Goodling, William F. [R-PA-19]
Rep. Gradison, Willis D., Jr. [R-OH-1]
Rep. Gramm, Phil [D-TX-6]
Rep. Grassley, Chuck [R-IA-3]
Rep. Gray, William H., III [D-PA-2]
Rep. Grisham, Wayne R. [R-CA-33]
Rep. Gudger, V. Lamar [D-NC-11]
Rep. Guyer, Tennyson [R-OH-4]
Rep. Hagedorn, Thomas M. [R-MN-2]
Rep. Hamilton, Lee H. [D-IN-9]
Rep. Hance, Kent R. [D-TX-19]
Rep. Hanley, James M. [D-NY-32]
Rep. Harkin, Tom [D-IA-5]
Rep. Hawkins, Augustus F. [D-CA-29]
Rep. Hefner, W. G. (Bill) [D-NC-8]
Rep. Hightower, Jack E. [D-TX-13]
Rep. Hillis, Elwood H. [R-IN-5]
Rep. Hinson, Jon C. [R-MS-4]
Rep. Holland, Kenneth L. [D-SC-5]
Rep. Hollenbeck, Harold C. [R-NJ-9]
Rep. Holt, Marjorie S. [R-MD-4]
Rep. Hopkins, Larry J. [R-KY-6]
Rep. Horton, Frank J. [R-NY-34]
Rep. Howard, James J. [D-NJ-3]
Rep. Hubbard, Carroll, Jr. [D-KY-1]
Rep. Huckaby, Thomas J. (Jerry) [D-LA-5]
Rep. Hutto, Earl [D-FL-1]
Rep. Hyde, Henry J. [R-IL-6]
Rep. Ichord, Richard H. [D-MO-8]
Rep. Ireland, Andrew P. [D-FL-8]
Rep. Jeffries, Jim [R-KS-2]
Rep. Jenkins, Edgar L. [D-GA-9]
Rep. Jenrette, John W., Jr. [D-SC-6]
Rep. Johnson, Harold T. [D-CA-1]
Rep. Jones, Ed [D-TN-7]
Rep. Jones, Walter B. [D-NC-1]
Rep. Kazen, Abraham, Jr. [D-TX-23]
Rep. Kelly, Richard [R-FL-5]
Rep. Kemp, Jack [R-NY-38]
Rep. Kildee, Dale E. [D-MI-7]
Rep. Kindness, Thomas N. [R-OH-8]
Rep. Kramer, Ken [R-CO-5]
Rep. LaFalce, John J. [D-NY-36]
Rep. Latta, Delbert L. [R-OH-5]
Rep. Leach, Claude (Buddy), Jr. [D-LA-4]
Rep. Leath, Marvin [D-TX-11]
Rep. Lederer, Raymond F. [D-PA-3]
Rep. Lee, Gary A. [R-NY-33]
Rep. Lehman, William [D-FL-13]
Rep. Leland, Mickey [D-TX-18]
Rep. Lent, Norman F. [R-NY-4]
Rep. Levitas, Elliott H. [D-GA-4]
Rep. Loeffler, Tom [R-TX-21]
Rep. Long, Gillis W. [D-LA-8]
Rep. Lott, Trent [R-MS-5]
Rep. Lowry, Mike [D-WA-7]
Rep. Lujan, Manuel, Jr. [R-NM-1]
Rep. Lundine, Stanley N. [D-NY-39]
Rep. Lungren, Daniel E. [R-CA-3]
Rep. McCloskey, Paul N., Jr. [R-CA-12]
Rep. McCormack, Mike [D-WA-4]
Rep. McDonald, Lawrence P. [D-GA-7]
Rep. McEwen, Robert C. [R-NY-30]
Rep. McHugh, Matthew F. [D-NY-27]
Rep. McKay, K. Gunn [D-UT-1]
Rep. McKinney, Stewart B. [R-CT-4]
Rep. Madigan, Edward R. [R-IL-21]
Rep. Marks, Marc L. [R-PA-24]
Rep. Marlenee, Ron [R-MT-2]
Rep. Marriott, David Daniel [R-UT-2]
Rep. Martin, James G. [R-NC-9]
Rep. Mathis, Dawson [D-GA-2]
Rep. Mattox, James A. [D-TX-5]
Rep. Mavroules, Nicholas [D-MA-6]
Rep. Mazzoli, Romano L. [D-KY-3]
Rep. Miller, Clarence E. [R-OH-10]
Rep. Mitchell, Donald J. [R-NY-31]
Rep. Moakley, John Joseph [D-MA-9]
Rep. Montgomery, G. V. (Sonny) [D-MS-3]
Rep. Moore, W. Henson [R-LA-6]
Rep. Murphy, Austin J. [D-PA-22]
Rep. Murphy, John M. [D-NY-17]
Rep. Murphy, Morgan F. [D-IL-2]
Rep. Murtha, John P. [D-PA-12]
Rep. Myers, John T. [R-IN-7]
Rep. Myers, Michael O. [D-PA-1]
Rep. Nedzi, Lucien N. [D-MI-14]
Rep. Nolan, Richard M. [D-MN-6]
Rep. Nowak, Henry [D-NY-37]
Rep. O'Brien, George M. [R-IL-17]
Rep. Ottinger, Richard L. [D-NY-24]
Rep. Patten, Edward J. [D-NJ-15]
Rep. Paul, Ron [R-TX-14]
Rep. Pepper, Claude [D-FL-14]
Rep. Perkins, Carl Dewey [D-KY-7]
Rep. Peyser, Peter A. [R-NY-23]
Rep. Pickle, J. J. [D-TX-10]
Rep. Price, Melvin [D-IL-23]
Rep. Pursell, Carl D. [R-MI-2]
Rep. Quillen, James H. (Jimmy) [R-TN-1]
Rep. Rahall, Nick J., II [D-WV-4]
Rep. Richmond, Frederick W. [D-NY-14]
Rep. Rinaldo, Matthew J. [R-NJ-12]
Rep. Roberts, Ray [D-TX-4]
Rep. Robinson, J. Kenneth [R-VA-7]
Rep. Roe, Robert A. [D-NJ-8]
Rep. Rose, Charlie [D-NC-7]
Rep. Rudd, Eldon D. [R-AZ-4]
Rep. Sawyer, Harold S. [R-MI-5]
Rep. Sebelius, Keith G. [R-KS-1]
Rep. Sensenbrenner, F. James, Jr. [R-WI-5]
Rep. Sharp, Philip R. [D-IN-10]
Rep. Shumway, Norman D. [R-CA-14]
Rep. Shuster, Bud [R-PA-9]
Rep. Slack, John [D-WV-3]
Rep. Solomon, Gerald B. H. [R-NY-22]
Rep. Spellman, Gladys Noon [D-MD-5]
Rep. Spence, Floyd [R-SC-2]
Rep. Stangeland, Arlan [R-MN-7]
Rep. Steed, Tom [D-OK-4]
Rep. Stenholm, Charles W. [D-TX-17]
Rep. Stockman, David A. [R-MI-4]
Rep. Stratton, Samuel S. [D-NY-28]
Rep. Stump, Bob [D-AZ-3]
Rep. Symms, Steven D. [R-ID-1]
Rep. Synar, Mike [D-OK-2]
Rep. Tauke, Thomas Joseph [R-IA-2]
Rep. Taylor, G. [R-MO-7]
Rep. Traxler, Bob [D-MI-8]
Rep. Treen, David C. [R-LA-3]
Rep. Trible, Paul S., Jr. [R-VA-1]
Rep. Van Deerlin, Lionel [D-CA-42]
Rep. Vento, Bruce F. [D-MN-4]
Rep. Volkmer, Harold L. [D-MO-9]
Rep. Walker, Robert S. [R-PA-16]
Rep. Watkins, Wes [D-OK-3]
Rep. Weaver, James H. [D-OR-4]
Rep. White, Richard C. [D-TX-16]
Rep. Whitehurst, G. William [R-VA-2]
Rep. Whitley, Charles O., Sr. [D-NC-3]
Rep. Whittaker, Bob [R-KS-5]
Rep. Whitten, Jamie L. [D-MS-1]
Rep. Williams, Lyle [R-OH-17]
Rep. Wilson, Robert C. [R-CA-41]
Rep. Wilson, Charles [D-TX-2]
Rep. Wilson, Charles H. [D-CA-31]
Rep. Winn, Larry, Jr. [R-KS-3]
Rep. Wolff, Lester L. [D-NY-6]
Rep. Wright, James C., Jr. [D-TX-12]
Rep. Wyatt, Joe, Jr. [D-TX-14]
Rep. Wylie, Chalmers P. [R-OH-15]
Rep. Yatron, Gus [D-PA-6]
Rep. Young, Don [R-AK-At Large]
Rep. Young, Robert A. [D-MO-2]
Rep. Zeferetti, Leo C. [D-NY-15]
Rep. Panetta, Leon [D-CA-16]
Rep. Ritter, Don [R-PA-15]
Rep. Rostenkowski, Dan [D-IL-8]
Rep. Fascell, Dante B. [D-FL-15]
Rep. Rousselot, John H. [R-CA-26]
Rep. Boner, William H. [D-TN-5]
Rep. Snyder, M. G. (Gene) [R-KY-4]
Rep. Hammerschmidt, John P. [R-AR-3]
Rep. Coleman, E. Thomas [R-MO-6]
Rep. Deckard, Joel [R-IN-8]
Rep. Preyer, Richardson [D-NC-6]
Rep. Fary, John G. [D-IL-5]
Rep. Wirth, Timothy [D-CO-2]
Rep. Jeffords, James M. [R-VT-At Large]
Rep. Nichols, Bill [D-AL-3]
Rep. Skelton, Ike [D-MO-4]
Rep. Solarz, Stephen J. [D-NY-13]
Rep. Patterson, Jerry M. [D-CA-38]
Rep. Pashayan, Charles, Jr. [R-CA-17]
Rep. Wampler, William C. [R-VA-9]
Rep. Johnson, James P. (Jim) [R-CO-4]
Rep. Matsui, Robert T. [D-CA-5]
Rep. Daniel, W. C. (Dan) [D-VA-5]
Rep. Heftel, Cecil [D-HI-1]
Rep. Runnels, Harold L. [D-NM-2]
Rep. Heckler, Margaret M. [R-MA-10]
Rep. Byron, Beverly B. [D-MD-6]
Rep. Frost, Martin [D-TX-24]
Rep. Neal, Stephen L. [D-NC-5]
Rep. Erdahl, Arlen [R-MN-1]
Rep. Williams, Pat [D-MT-At Large]
Rep. Swift, Al [D-WA-2]
Rep. Bauman, Robert E. [R-MD-1]
Rep. Bereuter, Doug [R-NE-1]
Rep. Sabo, Martin Olav [D-MN-5]
Rep. Kogovsek, Ray [D-CO-3]
Rep. Livingston, Bob [R-LA-1]
Rep. Donnelly, Brian J. [D-MA-11]
Rep. Edwards, Mickey [R-OK-5]
Rep. Carter, Tim Lee [R-KY-5]
Rep. Beard, Edward [D-RI-2]
Rep. Studds, Gerry E. [D-MA-12]
Rep. Pritchard, Joel [R-WA-1]
Rep. Burlison, Bill D. [D-MO-10]
Rep. Udall, Morris K. [D-AZ-2]
Rep. Corrada, Baltasar [I-PR-At Large]
Rep. Simon, Paul [D-IL-24]
Rep. Satterfield, David E., III [D-VA-3]
Rep. Oberstar, James L. [D-MN-8]
Rep. Snowe, Olympia J. [R-ME-2]
Rep. Luken, Thomas A. [D-OH-2]
Rep. Lewis, Jerry [R-CA-41]
Rep. Brown, Clarence, Jr. [R-OH-7]
Rep. Stokes, Louis [D-OH-21]
Rep. Courter, Jim [R-NJ-12]
Rep. Davis, Robert W. [R-MI-11]
Rep. Evans, David W. [D-IN-6]
Rep. Leach, James A. [R-IA-1]
Rep. Young, C. W. Bill [R-FL-6]
Rep. Collins, Cardiss [D-IL-7]
Rep. Smith, Virginia [R-NE-3]
Rep. Thomas, William M. [R-CA-22]
Rep. Hansen, George V. [R-ID-2]
Rep. Michel, Robert H. [R-IL-18]
Rep. Railsback, Thomas F. [R-IL-19]
Rep. Dodd, Christopher J. [D-CT-2]
Rep. Mineta, Norman Y. [D-CA-13]
Rep. Porter, John Edward [R-IL-10]

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Committee / Subcommittee Date Activity Reports
House Judiciary04/10/1979 Referred to
06/20/1980 Reported by H.Rept 96-1118

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Shown Here:
Passed House amended (06/24/1980)

(Measure passed House, amended, roll call #360 (377-34))

Soft Drink Interbrand Competition Act - Declares that exclusive territorial arrangements made as a part of a licensing agreement for the manufacture, distribution, or sale of a trademarked soft drink product are lawful under the antitrust laws provided such product is in substantial and effective competition with other products for the same general class in the relevant market or markets.

Declares that nothing in this Act shall be construed to legalize any unlawful means of price fixing agreements, horizontal restraints of trade, or group boycotts in any effort to enforce provisions of such Act

Makes provisions of the Clayton Act authorizing suspension of the statute of limitations in antitrust proceedings, inapplicable to such pending litigation concerned with enforcement of provisions of this Act.

Provides that, as used in this Act, "antitrust law" means the Sherman Act, the Clayton Act, and the Federal Trade Commission Act.