Summary: H.R.4387 — 96th Congress (1979-1980)All Information (Except Text)

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Senate agreed to House amendment with amendment (10/31/1979)

(Senate agreed to House amendment to certain Senate amendments)

=Title I: Agricultural Programs= - Makes appropriations for fiscal year 1980 for specified offices, corporations, and agricultural programs of the Department of Agriculture, including: (1) special grants for guayule research authorized by the Native Latex Commercialization and Economic Development Act of 1978; (2) certain animal health and disease programs; and (3) the food and human nutrition education program under Public Law 95-113.

Prohibits use of any appropriation in this Act to reimburse the General Services Administration in excess of $750,000 for publications distributed by the Consumer Information Center.

Exempts from specified construction cost limitations: (1) a greenhouse/headhouse at Stillwater, Oklahoma; and (2) a feedmill at El Reno, Oklahoma.

Increases funding for: (1) the nutrition and family education program for low income areas; (2) urban gardening programs; (3) the farm safety program; and (4) the wholesale market development program. Denies such increased funding for the nonpoint source pollution program. Earmarks specified funds for agricultural education only. Reserves fire ant control funds for State matching purposes.

Provides funding for the beekeeper indemnity program.

Limits the amount of funds for loan guarantees by the Commodity Credit Corporation for the production and marketing of industrial hydrocarbons and alcohols from agricultural commodities and forest products.

=Title II: Rural Development Programs= - Makes appropriations for fiscal year 1980 for specified rural development programs of the Department of Agriculture.

Extends the coverage of the appropriation for industrial development loans to insured as well as guaranteed loans.

Makes appropriations for the authorization of six new Resource Conservation and Development areas.

Appropriates funds for an experimental rural clean water program, to be targeted at areas with identified and significant agricultural nonpoint source water pollution problems. Prescribes alternative procedures for the recommendations and approval of practices under such program. Requires: (1) coordination of such program with (while prohibiting its absorption by) the regular Agricultural Conservation Program; (2) technical assistance from the Soil Conservation Service; and (3) administrative services supplied to such program by the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service. Requires transfer of necessary funds to the Soil Conservation Service for such technical assistance.

=Title III: Domestic Food Programs= - Makes appropriations for fiscal year 1980 for the Food and Nutrition Service, the food stamp program, and other domestic food programs of the Department of Agriculture.

Requires submission of reimbursement claims for school lunch program meals served in 1980 not later than December 31, 1980.

Makes distribution of funds to an individual State for administrative expenses in the school meals programs contingent upon the State's cooperation in studies directed by Congress and requested by the Secretary of Agriculture.

Authorizes the Secretary: (1) to withhold funds from a State which fails to make timely corrections of serious deficiencies determined by the Secretary to exist in such State's administration of any program under the National School Lunch Act or the Child Nutrition Act of 1966 (except the special supplemental food program); and (2) to allocate such withheld funds upon correction of such deficiencies. Restricts availability of funds for such operations to: (1) public service institutions; (2) certain private nonprofit service institutions; (3) private nonprofit schools; and (4) private nonprofit migrant farmworker organizations.

Requires derivation from prior year balance of a portion of funds made available for the special supplemental food programs (WIC).

Stipulates availability of the appropriation for food donations programs until the end of fiscal year 1981.

Reserves food program administration funds for simplifying procedures, reducing overhead costs, tightening regulations, improving food stamp handling, or assistance in the prevention, identification and prosecution of fraud and other violations.

=Title IV: International Programs= - Makes appropriations for fiscal year 1980 for Food for Peace and other specified international programs of the Department of Agriculture. Denies any reservation of a portion of the appropriation for the Office of International Cooperative and Development for international agricultural research and extension activity by the International Science and Education Council.

=Title V: Related Agencies= - Makes appropriations for fiscal year 1980 for the Food and Drug Administration, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and the Farm Credit Administration.

=Title VI: General Provisions= - Specifies miscellaneous requirements regarding the use of funds appropriated by this Act.

Declares that Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service Salaries and Expenses funds made available to county committees shall be on the list of items for which new obligational authority shall remain available until expended.

Permits the use of funds appropriated by this Act to pay rent for county office space located in inner city areas that are inaccessible to agency clientele without adequate parking space for farm vehicles.