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House receded and concurred with amendment (10/16/1979)

(House receded and concurred in certain Senate amendments with an amendment)

District of Columbia Appropriation Act, 1980 - =Title I: Temporary Commission on Financial Oversight of the District of Columbia= - Makes appropriations for the Temporary Commission on Financial Oversight of the District of Columbia for salaries and expenses. Stipulates that the Commission shall have the power to appoint, fix the compensation of, and remove an Executive Director and additional staff members without regard to existing provisions of law relating to appointment in the competitive service. Provides that for purposes of pay and employment benefits, all personnel of such Commission shall be treated as Congressional employees.

=Title II: District of Columbia= - Makes appropriations for Federal payment and loans for capital outlay to the District of Columbia for fiscal year 1980. Sets forth appropriated amounts out of the general fund for the District of Columbia for the following: (1) governmental direction and support, with limitations on expenditures for official purposes by the Mayor and the Chairman of the Council of the District of Columbia; (2) economic development and regulation; (3) public safety and justice; (4) the public education system; (5) human support services; (6) transportation services and assistance; (7) environmental services and supply; (8) personal services; (9) repayment of loans and interest; and (10) capital outlay. Prohibits the obligation of funds for the summer youth jobs program pending approval of a plan by the Subcommittees on the District of Columbia Appropriations of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Requires that vouchers for expenditures be audited before payment by the designated certifying official, and that such vouchers be paid by checks issued by the designated disbursing official. Specifies that amounts appropriated for particular purposes shall be considered the maximum amounts for such expenditure rather than amounts set apart exclusively therefor. Sets forth limitations on mileage allowances for the private use of vehicles for the performance of official duties. Prohibits the use of funds appropriated under this Act for regulations or orders requiring the installation of meters in taxicabs. Appropriates from the District's applicable funds such sums as may be necessary for the payment of judgments against the District. Makes appropriations available for the payment of public assistance.

Prohibits any part of any appropriation contained in this Act from being available for obligation beyond the current fiscal year, unless expressly so provided. Sets forth limitations on funds used to compensate chauffeurs or drivers, overtime or temporary positions, and travel and per diem costs outside the District, Maryland, and Virginia.

Sets forth limitations on the number of employees for the District of Columbia. Prohibits the use of funds for educational purposes for partisan political activities.

Requires the District to submit budget requests to Congress not later than February 1, 1980.

Appropriates from applicable funds of the District such sums as may be necessary for payments authorized by the District of Columbia Revenue Recovery Act.

Prohibits the use of funds contained in this Act to pay the salary of any employee of the government of the District of Columbia whose name, title, grade, salary, past work experience, and salary history are not available for inspection by the House and Senate Committees on Appropriations or their duly authorized representatives.

Prohibits the use of appropriated funds for publicity or propaganda purposes designed to support or defeat legislation pending before the Congress or any State legislature.

Prohibits the use of appropriated funds to perform abortions except: (1) where the life of the mother would be endangered if the fetus were carried to term; or (2) for the medical procedures necessary for the victims of rape or incest, when such rape or incest has been promptly reported to a law enforcement agency or public health service. Allows the use of funds to pay for drugs or devices to prevent implantation of the fertilized ovum or for medical procedures necessary for the termination of an ectopic pregnancy.