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Conference report filed in House (09/28/1979)

(Conference report filed in House, H. Rept. 96-493)

Appropriates such amounts as may be necessary in fiscal year 1980 to continue Federal activities for which specified appropriations Act will not have been enacted prior to September 30, 1979. Funds such activities in the same manner and amounts provided for in such Acts. States that if the Senate and the House of Representatives have both passed appropriations for an activity but in differing amounts, the lesser amount or more restrictive authority shall apply in the continuing appropriations. Declares that if an appropriations Act has passed only one House or if an activity has been funded in only one version of an Act passed by both Houses, the continuing appropriations shall not exceed the rate provided by the one House or the current rate, whichever is lower.

Makes continuing appropriations for activities provided for in the Departments of Labor, and Health, Education, and Welfare and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 1980, (H.R. 4389) at the rate agreed to in conference.

Provides continuing appropriations for activities conducted in fiscal year 1979 and provided for in the Department of Defense Appropriation Act, 1979, at the current rate or the rate of the budget estimate, whichever is lower.

Continues appropriations for the Legislative Branch at the rate provided in H.R. 4390 as reported June 7, 1979. Limits pay increases for Federal executives to five and one-half percent notwithstanding other provisions of law. States that for the purpose of providing continuing appropriations, H.R. 4390 shall be treated as appropriating specified sums under the following headings: (1) salaries and expenses for the Office of Technology Assessment; (2) salaries and expenses for the General Accounting Office; and (3) Official Mail Costs under Joint Items.

Prohibits the use of such appropriations to remodel the gallery in Statuary Hall in the Capitol to provide additional work space for Members of Congress.

Grants standing to all Members of Congress to contest the constitutionality of the appointment of any Circuit Judge to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia during the 96th Congress. Empowers the District Courts to hear such actions by a three judge panel and requires expedited proceedings in such actions. States that appeals from any panel convened pursuant to this Act shall lie only the United States Supreme Court.

Appropriates sums at the current rate to continue the breeder reactor demonstration project or project alternative of the Department of Energy.

Appropriates such sums as may be necessary to continue specified activities which were conducted in fiscal year 1979 but have not been provided for in fiscal year 1980. Prohibits the Federal Trade Commission from using such appropriations to promulgate trade regulation rules under the Federal Trade Commission Act or to initiate new activities.

Establishes the rate for continuing appropriations to the Department of State for migration and refugee assistance.

Makes continuing appropriations for the Department of Transportation at the current rate or the rate of the budget estimate, whichever is lower. Authorizes the Panama Canal Commission to incur obligations at the rate provided for in H.R. 4440 as reported on June 13, 1979.

Provides continuing appropriations to the Federal Inspector for the Alaska Gas Pipeline at a rate not exceeding 35 percent of the budget estimate.

Declares that the appropriations contained in this resolution, unless otherwise provided, shall remain available until the occurrence of one of the following: (1) enactment of an appropriation for any activity provided for in this resolution; (2) enactment of the applicable appropriations Act without any provision for such an activity; or (3) November 20, 1979, or November 1, 1979, in the case of the activities provided for in H.R. 4389.

Authorizes the use of appropriations contained in this resolution without regard to the time limitations for submission and approval of apportionments required by law.

Prohibits the use of appropriations, unless otherwise provided, to initiate or resume any activity for which funds were not available in fiscal year 1979.

Authorizes the apportionment of appropriated funds on a deficiency basis indicating the need for a supplemental appropriation to the extent necessary to permit payment of pay increases granted pursuant to law.

Prohibits the use of funds made available in fiscal year 1980 to the Department of Defense - Civil, Department of the Army, Corps of Engineers-Civil in connection with the acquisition of land or easements near the four lake projects in the Yazoo Basin, Mississippi, pending the submission to Congress of the plan specified in the conference report accompanying H.R. 4388.

Authorizes the use of continuing appropriations by the Appalachian Regional Commission at the rate provided in the applicable appropriation Act, notwithstanding the termination date of the Appalachian Regional Development Act of 1965.

Increases the allowances for administrative and clerical expenses of each Senator from Minnesota and Texas in connection with the increase in population of such States. Increases the authorization for the Sergeant at Arms and Doorkeeper of the Senate for travel expenses. Authorizes the Sergeant at Arms and Doorkeeper of the Senate to appoint additional staff members.

Requires that travel and transportation expenses of the executive branch be reduced in fiscal year 1980 by $500,000,000 from the level provided in the budget submitted by the President. Provides that no such reduction shall be made in funds for debt collection or supervision of loans nor shall any agency be reduced by more than 15 percent of the amount in the President's budget.

Stipulates that funds available under the Department of Justice Appropriation Act, Fiscal Year 1979 for United States prisoners may be used to improve substandard State facilities holding Federal prisoners and that such authority shall be available for obligations incurred from September 26, 1979.

States that funds appropriated for capital outlays in connection with the construction of the campus of the University of the District of Columbia shall expire on September 30, 1980, unless such funds have been obligated.

Authorizes the Secretary of Transportation to guarantee certificates issued by the trustees of certain railroads which have filed petitions for reorganization without regard to provisions of law limiting such authority.

Prohibits the use of appropriations to reorganize or consolidate the Alaska Railroad Office of Chief Counsel, the Office of Real Estate, or the Office of Financial Planning.

Ratifies all obligations incurred in anticipation of appropriations and authority provided for in this resolution.