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Passed House amended (06/09/1982)

(Measure passed House, amended, roll call #133 (291-102))

American Conservation Corps Act of 1982 - Directs the Secretary of the Interior, in cooperation with the Secretary of Agriculture, to establish and administer a public lands conservation, rehabilitation, and improvement program. Requires the Secretary to provide assistance to program agencies (any Federal or State agency responsible for the management of public lands) to establish and operate residential and nonresidential American Conservation Corps centers to implement program projects.

Describes the types of projects which will receive program preference. Limits program projects to those benefitting public lands or Indian lands, except where projects on other lands benefit the public. Requires reimbursement to the program agency for that portion of the total costs of the program which does not provide a public benefit.

Sets forth requirements for establishing conservation centers.

Requires State agencies carrying out a conservation program under this Act to provide a mechanism for local government participation.

Authorizes the Secretary to develop jointly with the Secretary of Labor regulations designed to allow joint projects with activities under this Act and activities authorized and funded under statutes administered by the Department of Labor. Requires such regulations to establish a single mechanism for approval of joint projects developed at the State or local level.

Makes persons eligible for enrollment and employment in the program if they are: (1) unemployed; (2) between the ages of 16 and 25 years; and (3) citizens, lawful permanent residents, or lawfully admitted alien parolees or refugees. Provides that in the recruitment and selection of enrollees for the program, preference shall be given to economically, socially, physically, and educationally disadvantaged youth and youth residing in areas having substantial unemployment.

Requires program agencies to provide services, facilities, supplies, and equipment for conservation centers as the Secretary deems necessary. Requires the Secretary to establish basic standards of health, nutrition, sanitation, and safety for such centers.

Authorizes the Secretary to award grants to, or enter into agreements with, program agencies for the funding and operation of conservation centers.

Authorizes appropriations for FY 1983 through 1989. Requires such appropriations to be credited from specified Treasury receipts.

States that program enrollees shall not be deemed Federal employees, except as provided in specified provisions of law.

Authorizes program agencies to utilize, and the Secretary to recruit, the services of volunteers to assist conservation center projects.

Makes the Secretary responsible for the pay of enrollees and coordination of the program with related Federal, State, local, and private activities. Directs the Secretary to submit a report to Congress, within one year of enactment of this Act, on the feasibility of allowing enrollees who have completed two years in the program an exemption from training and service under the Military Selective Service Act.

Directs the Secretary to make arrangements with educational institutions for the award of academic credit to enrollees for competencies developed under this Act. Authorizes program agencies to make arrangements with such institutions for academic study by enrollees during nonworking hours. Requires, when possible, that enrollees seeking study or training be offered assignments at conservation centers which provide such study or training. Requires program agencies to provide certification of skills acquired by program participants and to provide job guidance and placement information as may be necessary.

Requires the Secretary to provide for research and evaluation of the program and allows the Secretary to authorize pilot or demonstration projects of new or alternative subjects of work or training.

Directs the Secretary to report to the President and Congress by December 31 of each year on the activities carried out under this Act.

Requires the Secretary of Labor to make available appropriate labor market information to the Secretary of the Interior and program agencies.

Entitles Federal employees displaced by provisions of this Act to appeal such action to the Merit Systems Protection Board.