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House receded and concurred with amendment (12/17/1982)

(House receded and concurred in certain Senate amendments with amendments)

District of Columbia Appropriation Act of 1983 - Appropriates specified sums to the District of Columbia for FY 1983 for: (1) the Federal payment to the District of Columbia, provided there are a specified number of Metropolitan police officers hired by August 19, 1982; (2) a Federal contribution to the District to aid in the detection and prevention of crime; (3) the Department of Justice for use in the Superior Court Division of the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia; and (4) Federal loans to the District for capital outlay, including rescission of a specified amount in capital loan authority.

Appropriates specified sums out of the District of Columbia general fund for the current fiscal year for: (1) governmental direction and support, including a specified amount for the District of Columbia Retirement Board; (2) economic development and regulation; (3) public safety and justice, including specified amounts earmarked for the settlement of claims and disputes and for the Chief of Police to aid in the prevention and detection of crimes; (4) public education, including funds earmarked for the public school driver education program and for the District of Columbia Teachers' Retirement Fund; (5) human support services; including a specified limit on the amount paid by the District of Columbia to Saint Elizabeths Hospital as reimbursement; (6) transportation services and assistance; (7) environmental services and supply with a specified amount earmarked for transfer to the Water and Sewer Enterprise Fund; (8) personal services; (9) repayment of specified loans and interest; (10) repayment of the cash portion of the general fund deficit; (11) reduction of the energy budgets of various agencies; (12) capital outlay; (13) the Water and Sewer Enterprise Fund and water projects with the requirement that the restrictions placed on general fund capital improvement projects shall apply to water projects; (14) the Washington Convention Center Enterprise Fund; and (15) the Lottery and Charitable Games Enterprise Fund provided no Federal funds shall be used to support the lottery activities.

Sets forth general provisions covering spending limitations on the appropriations made by this Act, including a prohibition against using such funds for abortions except where the mother's life is endangered or where necessary for victims of rape or incest.

Prohibits obligating or spending funds appropriated by this Act through reprogramming, unless the reprogramming was approved according to specified procedures.

Authorizes the Mayor to establish the salary of the City Administrator and the per diem compensation of the board members of the Redevelopment Land Agency.

Declares that the District of Columbia Government Merit Personnel Act shall apply with respect to the compensation of District employees.

Prohibits the transportation of District municipal waste to landfills outside the District other than to currently used landfills, until the required permits have been issued.