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Passed House amended (06/13/1983)

(Measure passed House, amended)

Title I: Marine Fisheries Programs - Amends the Atlantic Tunas Convention Act of 1975 to authorize appropriations for FY 1984 through 1986.

Amends the Atlantic Salmon Convention Act of 1982 to subject to forfeiture, in addition to any vessel, any fish taken in the commission of an unlawful act.

Amends the Fish and Wildlife Act of 1956 to extend the fisheries loan fund through FY 1984. Authorizes, through FY 1984, appropriations for the volunteer program established under such Act.

Amends the American Fisheries Promotion Act to extend through FY 1984 loan authority for financial assistance with respect to fishing vessels and fishing facilities for loans made to avoid default on fishing vessels and to cover operating losses.

Amends the Anadromous Fish Conservation Act to provide that a State shall be eligible for up to 90 percent Federal funding (currently, 90 percent) for its interstate fisheries management plan for anadromous fishery resources only if its plan is prepared by one of the following interstate commissions: (1) the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Compact; (2) the Pacific Marine Fisheries Compact; and (3) the Gulf States Marine Fisheries Compact.

Amends the Fishery conservation Zone Transition Act to give congressional approval until July 1, 1984, to extensions of the governing international fishery agreements between the United States and: (1) the Soviet Union; (2) Poland; and (3) East Germany.

Title II: Aquaculture Fisheries - National Aquaculture Improvement Act of 1983 - Amends the National Aquaculture Act of 1980 to direct the Secretary of Agriculture to establish the National Aquaculture Development Plan by October 1, 1983.

Directs the Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, and Interior to collect and analyze scientific, technical, legal, and economic information relating to aquaculture, including acreages, water use, production, culture techniques, and other relevant matters. Requires that such information be confidential and can only be disclosed pursuant to a court order, except for general information.

Directs the Secretary of Agriculture to: (1) establish, within the Department of Agriculture, an Office of Aquaculture Coordiantion and Development; (2) establish and maintain an information service for the dissemination of aquacultural information; (3) arrange with foreign nations for the exchange of information relating to aquaculture and support a translation service; and (4) conduct a study of the extent to which the U.S. aquaculture industry has access to relevant Federal programs which assist the agricultural sector and report to Congress by February 1, 1985.

Directs the Secretary of Commerce to conduct a continuing study, and report annually, so as to determine whether existing captured fisheries could be adversely affected by competition from products produced by commercial aquacultural enterprises and include in such study an assessment of any adverse effect on fisheries.

Directs the Secretary of the Interior to undertake a study, and report to Congress by February 1, 1985, to identify exotic species introduced into U.S. waters as a result of aquaculture activities, and to determine the potential benefits and impacts of the introduction of exotic species.

Makes the current biennial reporting requirement on the status of U.S. aquaculture an annual requirement.

Makes the Secretary of Agriculture the permanent chairman of the interagency aquaculture coordinating group, established by the Act, within the Office of Science and Technology. Requires the coordinating group to make an annual report on the activities of the coordinating group and on recommendations concerning aquaculture.

Revises provisions relating to capital requirements for aquaculture. Directs the Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, and Interior, based on the results of the regulatory constraints study required by the Act, to formulate a plan for acting on the study's findings.

Establishes the National Aquaculture Board. Directs the Board to periodically review the capital requirements plan and the regulatory constraints study and the operation and effectiveness of the National Aquaculture Development Plan and to make appropriate recommendations. Directs the Secretary of Agriculture to amend the Plans as appropriate and advise the Board of its amendments. Directs the Board, on a continuing basis, to assess aquaculture in the United States and other nations for the purpose of maintaining on a continuous basis: (1) a complete profile of the aquaculture industry in the United States and other nations; (2) the identification of organizations involved in aquaculture research and development; (3) the status to the commercial development of the various aquatic species; (4) the identification of aquacultural production regions and markets having potential for development; (5) a catalog of all Federal programs assisting aquaculture; (6) the identification of constraints inhibiting aquaculture in the United States; (7) an assessment of the effectiveness of Federal efforts to meet national aquaculture needs; and (8) the collection and dissemination of information on aquaculture. Directs the Board to periodically review and evaluate existing research and marine advisory service programs and recommend priorities for the implementation of such programs.

Authorizes the Board to request that the Secretary of Agriculture a survey or data collection program relating to aquaculture if such a program would help the Board in carrying out its functions. Directs the Secretary to approve the program if there is a justifiable need for the program.

Directs the Board to submit to the Secretary of Agriculture an annual report on its activities under this Act.

Authorizes appropriations for FY 1984 through FY 1986 for the purposes of carrying out the Act.